Triple Two Coffee franchise

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Triple Two Coffee franchise

Real Food. Awesome Coffee.

Triple Two cares about two things: good quality coffee and good quality food.

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About Triple Two Coffee


A nationwide coffee shop brand passionate about serving high quality speciality coffee. After all, many of us start our day with a cup of coffee and we believe our customers deserve the best. Naturally, we pair our great tasting coffee with great-tasting food and ours is made fresh in our kitchen daily.

In 2016, Triple Two started from humble beginnings with a kiosk store inside The Brunel Shopping Centre in Swindon. Four months later, we launched our 3,000 square foot flagship store in Havelock Square, Swindon. Since our first launch we have gone from strength to strength opening another 25 stores across the UK with plans to double over the coming year. Now we are looking to expand our brand globally and we cannot wait to see what we do next.

Triple Two Coffee Franchise Vision


  1. To establish a unique brand with an attractive interior that creates a home away from home atmosphere where people can relax, work or meetup with friends.
  2. To serve a high quality speciality coffee that is consistently smooth and full of flavour. We provide a coffee shop experience like no other whilst charging the same prices as our competitors.
  3. To innovate delicious dishes in our kitchens all day, every day. Our chefs only use the freshest and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients. We deliver nothing but the absolute best to our customers.



Delivery of excellence in everything we do.

Our customers are at the heart of everything we do. We prioritise the customer experience above everything else, without compromise. That is why we marry real food that has been freshly prepared with lightly roasted awesome coffee in our beautifully designed stores. We do this to ensure that we deliver excellence every time.


To stay true to our mission, we promise to:

  • Deliver excellence consistently across all of our stores. Work with like-minded franchise partners to uphold our high standard of quality across all our stores.
  • Deliver the best tasting coffee on the high street through the use of sustainable training practices and quality ingredients.
  • Produce innovative dishes that are made daily with fresh and, where possible, locally sourced ingredients.
  • Develop cutting edge interior and graphic designs unrivalled by other high street coffee chains. Implement industry leading branding and marketing practices.
  • Keep sustainability and quality at the heart of every one of our decisions.
  • Create a family-oriented work environment with a commitment to local interests at its core.



We work alongside our in-house design team to create a state of the art setting that cannot be matched anywhere else on the high street. We only use original bespoke water cut Triple Two tiles and stunning seating arrangements that are complemented by a light, clean and calming baby blue colour palette. Our brand design exhibits style and comfort that reflects a contemporary feel and welcoming ambience in every store

Triple Two Coffee Franchise Creative

Triple Two Coffee Franchise Food Coffee


Our experience and dedication to producing the highest quality handroasted coffee ensures that each Triple Two cup is consistently smooth and full of flavour. Triple Two Coffee beans are lightly roasted to bring out the complex blend of flavours and every shot is ground fresh and fed through a temperature controlled espresso machine. Each member of our staff is a certified Triple Two Coffee Master which means they are expertly trained and regularly pass our assessments with flying colours. All in the name of awesome coffee.


Our food is made fresh every day. We source all our ingredients from highly regarded suppliers and, where possible, we shop local. Our fantastic team is constantly discovering new products and ingredient combinations to guarantee that our menu never becomes predictable.

Triple Two Coffee Franchise TeamOUR TEAM ETHOS

High standards

Embody excellence in everything Triple Two does, every single day.

Business first

Uphold our promise to our customers by maintaining a customer-centric focus whilst recognising the impact every decision has on our business.

Socially Conscious

Be aware of the impact our behaviour has on others, always remaining respectful to staff, colleagues and customers alike.

Stay curious

Question everything, explore more, participate. No idea is a bad idea and we want to hear them. Don’t ever rest easy believing that we have it all figured out. We are always looking ahead.

Creative Collaboration

Harness the power of creative thinking and collaboration in delivering brilliant stand-out ideas. There is no ‘I’ in team and we believe that when it comes to creative ideas, we’re better together.

Take responsibility

Take pride in your own store. Get as much out of your work as you put in and take responsibility for your own team. We are always willing to jump in as and when we are needed.


We inspire others and share our brand with the world. Our original and well-organised social media management is a sure-fire way to drive sales, increase profit margins, raise brand awareness and engagement with loyal and potential customers simultaneously. We keep everyone in the loop and up-to-date with the latest offers to grow your store following and maximise customer satisfaction.


Enjoy Triple Two however you like, at home, on the go or in store thanks our Triple Two online shop. We offer a range of perfectly balanced and incredibly delicious Nespresso compatible capsules and an equally delicious range of crockery.

Our commitment to a nationwide campaign to cut down on waste has lead to our partnership with KeepCup.

We are proud to support and incentivise the ‘reusable’ takeaway cup. Have an insatiable love for Triple Two? Not a problem, take us home any time, anywhere, any way you fancy.


Triple Two Coffee Franchise LoyaltyLOYALTY APP

The Triple Two Coffee app is the quickest route to your morning coffee. Earn points from every purchase you make and spend those points on our range of food and drink options through our point shop. Our Click & Collect feature allows our customers to skip the queues through online ordering, just click, pay and collect when you arrive.

Click & Collect • Earn Points • Point Shop


Our goal is to build a brand following that supersedes that of the biggest names in the coffee industry. We are proud of what we have achieved so far, however, we believe that we can do more. There is always room for improvement and every single second of the day we aim to get better and improve all aspects of the business. Although we have ambitious growth targets, we will never compromise on the quality of our franchise.

We prefer to speak with results rather than words, that is why we have focused on a small but steady trajectory for the expansion of the Triple Two brand . We are confident we have built a brand that is very difficult for others to replicate and together we can grow. To give an indication of what we have planned for the future, here are our growth targets.


By clicking on the request information button below

Training and support provided


Manuals for all franchisees

We provide operations manuals, health and safety manuals, prep guide manuals, chop sheet manuals, drinks manuals and more.

Experienced teams

We place experienced operations and training teams to support each franchisee from the point of signing to the store launch, as well as the period after .


We deliver bespoke marketing plans for each new store opening and post opening. All social media, POS, app development and monthly campaigns are centrally managed by our experienced marketing team.


We recruit the store manager and baristas, both are also managed by our training team. This minimises any risks through the entire recruitment process. Of course, the franchisee can be involved should they wish.


We run franchisee and barista training once a week and manager training once a month. On-going training for all stores is also readily available.


We put all franchisees in contact with commercial lawyers to deal with all leases.

Project management & Quantity Surveyor

We manage the entire shop fitting process for each store and ensure each project is value engineered to the maximum level.

Property search

We have property teams on hand to ensure maximum support is available whilst choosing the first location. They will negotiate the deal, create the HOTs and get the project ready for our legal team to take over and create the final lease.


We create bespoke designs for every store with our in-house design team. Each store will always include the coveted style of Triple Two, with subtle tweaks to make each store unique.


We use fantastic back of house software to provide real time sales and reporting data. We employ tried and tested centralised allergen management software that is linked directly to our suppliers to ensure consistency and safety throughout all Triple Two stores.


We provide on-going support for each franchisee. Whether it is operational, training, commercial or marketing, Triple Two is always on hand to go above and beyond expectations.

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