Town & Country Cleaning franchise

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Town & Country Cleaning franchise

A cleaning brand that empowers franchisees for profitability.

Welcome to Town & Country Cleaning and an exciting opportunity to be your own boss whilst benefiting from an existing business framework. We are different from your typical cleaning company. Our brand attracts and retains better staff and customers with higher satisfaction/retention and profitability, whilst spreading risk across diversified revenue streams and multiple customers, both in commercial and domestic markets.

Minimum investment

Funding support

Total investment

Franchise fees
£9,500 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    £250+VAT monthly franchise management fee
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Town & Country Cleaning

Town and Country Cleaning Franchise Commercial Building

A cleaning brand that empowers franchisees for profitability

Town & Country Cleaning is a leading independent company with experience of contract cleaning since 1977. Based in Farnham in Surrey, we pride ourselves on trying to be different in a highly competitive industry.

Managing +200 customers with c65 cleaners and experienced ring-fenced teams dedicated to each customer/project, our approach is to value our staff, and to retain customers over the long term.

We are progressive in everything we do, which includes adopting best practices, supporting franchisees, to carbon offsetting to help protect the environment from climate change. We manage all aspects of commercial and domestic cleaning including:

  • Residential domestic cleaning
  • Commercial contract cleaning
  • Office cleaning
  • Retail cleaning
  • Window cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • High-level cleaning
  • Construction builders cleans
  • Tenancy cleaning
  • Kitchen deep cleans
  • Covid mitigation cleaning


Our Difference:

Franchisee Autonomy

Challenger brand, no restrictions, support, opportunity for big accounts


Our brand delivers improved pricing/profitability

Longevity in Relationships

Attract/retain better staff for higher customer satisfaction/retention

Commercial & Domestic

Capabilities of commercial & service of domestic. X-sell decision makers

Company Values

Honest, hard-working, personal, professional, intelligent, progressive

The future for business is based on “shared stakeholder value”.

This is true whether it be choosing the customers you want to serve better, supporting a higher living wage for staff, having long-term supply-chain continuity or partnering with leaders to champion new territories.

We are now looking for new business partners with the ability to attract and retain customers and staff. In return, we will make it our #1 objective to support you and ensure we do everything possible to make you a success. We do however require a very specific type of person.

Any prospective franchisee will be able to demonstrate a strong focus on sales and operations. They will typically be a manager working in the FM/services industry wanting to manage their own business or an owner of an existing small service-based business wanting to expand and be part of something better.

Important individual characteristics include being self-motivated, driven, responsible, focused on selling/delivering to customers, able to lead and motivate people, and with personal values consistent with our company.

You must be able to:

  • Adopt an existing business framework
  • Fund initial setup and ongoing cash flow
  • Recruit, lead and motivate people
  • Drive your business forward – selling and delivering to customers

Our director has c20yr corporate blue-chip experience, and together with our franchise framework, we believe we can empower cleaning business owners.

Training and support provided

Town and Country Cleaning Franchise Commercial Carousel

Apart from our brand, another key franchise differentiator will be the support we provide to individual franchisees.

Training and support provided includes the following:

  • Comprehensive franchise manual
  • 2-day initial induction training
  • Quarterly management reviews
  • Personal mentorship with owner/director

Additionally, each franchisee will receive a franchise package value of c£15,750 to include:

Franchise Area:

  • Large area sole rights (5yr / right to renew)
  • National account opportunity
  • Non-proactive opportunity in other areas

Sales, Marketing & Operational Support:

  • Brand / License
  • Website and social media support
  • Corporate Stationery
  • Biz Card
  • Letterhead
  • Compliment Slip
  • Folder
  • Collateral
  • 15 Things to Consider When Selecting a Cleaning Company
  • A-Z Cleaning Tips
  • Covid Cleaning
  • End of Tenancy Guide
  • Tech Transform Cleaning
  • Flyer (Domestic + Commercial)
  • Customer/Project Presentations (x20)
  • Digital assets
  • Google PPC first 3mth
  • Email database
  • Use of 0845 222 2000
  • Uniform
  • Vehicle Sign-Writing Fund
  • Access to our supplier and contractor network
  • Access to our professional services network: IT, legal, accountancy and insurance
  • Office administration


The ideal Town & Country Cleaning franchisee

The ideal franchisee candidate profile we’re looking for is someone equally capable both on sales and operations, and personally comfortable working in a start-up franchise operation.

This entails having less restrictions than more established companies, but also more opportunity to grow your business. We want people who can see the value of our brand to challenge the existing status quo, to win larger accounts and to deliver a more profitable cleaning business.

Our franchisee opportunity includes a 5yr licence sole rights and automatic right to renew, to a larger operating area than most cleaning management franchisees. We don’t want lots of franchisees all competing with each other. We want fewer franchisees to operate as partners, and to be empowered to grow their business across larger areas and to include the opportunity to develop regional and national accounts.

Our candidate profile can be summarised into the following:

Career Experience:

  • Strong in sales and managing people and operations
  • Small business owner wanting to expand
  • Manager wanting their own business

Personal Characteristics:

  • Self-motivated and responsible
  • Values consistent with brand
  • Ideally, with partner support

Able to:

  • Adopt business framework
  • Fund initial setup / cash flow
  • Drive their business forward – selling / delivering positive outcomes

town and country cleaning franchise commercial building

And if you haven’t considered cleaning, then read this...

Cleaning services is based on an extremely robust business model. Start-up costs are low when compared to other business types…there is no retail premises to rent, no stock to purchase and no large capital expenditure to lay out.

The majority of your costs are variable costs, i.e. you get most of the costs only when you get the business and when you get the profits. Your revenue is usually spread across multiple customers reducing risk, and importantly, based on recurring revenue, i.e. every month you receive ongoing payments, month in month out. Also, while technology can impact on the market, it cannot deliver the actual service.

The benefits of a cleaning business:

  • Recurring revenue stream
  • Low risk (setup / ongoing)
  • Variable cost (no sales no costs)
  • Endless opportunity
  • Commercial – necessity and recession proof
  • Residential – affluent customers
  • Near cash – average payment c35 days
  • Spread risk with multiple customers
  • People always need jobs
  • Internet cannot deliver service

Find out more by requesting our Franchise Prospectus and arrange a personal meeting