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The Wooden Floor Store franchise

An award-winning retail flooring company, The Wooden Floor Store offers significant returns, exclusive own-brand products and a business model honed over more than 20 years, with proven and sustained success. True differentiation helps franchisees stand out against the competition in a booming marketplace that’s set to grow further.

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About The Wooden Floor Store

With over 20 years of experience to lean on and six-figure earnings potential in year 1, we offer ambitious individuals a proven business model to guide them to success.

The Wooden Floor Store Franchise retail store

The UK flooring marketplace is currently worth an estimated £3bn and rising. With a strong political push for new housing, along with a record number of businesses in operation across the country, demand is strong for quality wooden flooring delivered at exceptional value. That’s where The Wooden Floor Store comes in.

Franchisees run local stores with access to national branding power and a business plan that follows the success of our own company-based stores. We don’t get involved with fitting – though you can build great relationships with local fitters in your area – so we’re specialists in providing the right products at the right prices for customers.

Exclusive products and unrivalled service are the cornerstones of your business. Most wooden floor suppliers depend on big-name brands, which are also widely available online – and as we all know, that’s become a big issue for retail brands on the high street.

You’ll be able to offer something much better, because as well as those big-name brands, we design and manufacture our own exclusive products. Not available to your competitors, our flooring offers outstanding value and something truly different in the marketplace.

Because we control the supply chain of these products from the forest to the floor, pricing is competitive and profits are substantial. And it also makes us agile: unlike the big brands, we can move with trends and quickly supply different ranges, which for others can take years.

You can expect your business to follow a proven model:

Year 1: open your first store, employ a salesperson and start building your reputation. You should get your initial investment back within your first 12 months.

Year 2: six-figure earnings driven by repeat business, referrals and a strong local reputation for quality.

Year 3: multi-store expansion potential. Build a network of stores locally to deliver your dream lifestyle.

Training and support provided

You’ll benefit from close personal support from The Wooden Floor Store’s two co-founders, an unrivalled depth of experience and expertise to guide you to success.

With exclusive products, shop fitting advice, great back office systems, training on all operational aspects of the business, and comprehensive marketing and branding support, you’ll be following a proven model that’s continued to grow where other retailers have struggled.

The Wooden Floor Store Franchise Retail

The ideal The Wooden Floor Store franchisee

You don’t need a retail background. What’s important to succeed are great people skills, personality and passion. We’re a dynamic and energetic company with genuine differentiation compared to the competition... and that’s exactly what we want in our franchisees too!

Our first franchisee doubled his business forecasts in his first four months – and had no prior retail experience. You’ll need passion, drive and enthusiasm in abundance... the rest we can teach you through a proven model that’s been growing for more than 20 years.

We’ll train you and your team on product knowledge and providing exceptional service to your customers. And as you grow, there’s the opportunity to take on more stores when you’re ready, so for the truly ambitious it’s all about looking up at the stars, not just focusing on the floor!

The Wooden Floor Store's history

Follow people who have succeeded: co-founders Richard and Ross have developed the business with solid foundations, having never borrowed to finance their expansion.

What these childhood friends have done over the past 20 years is a testament to their approach to do things properly, and that’s what they’re looking to share with ambitious franchisees looking to emulate their success.

Richard Snape

The wooden floor store franchise foudner“We don’t rush, we do things properly and always establish solid foundations before pushing forwards. We have complete supply chain ownership from the forest to the floor, because sustainability matters to us. And we have a solid business model to share that can deliver you very healthy returns.”



Ross Nicholl

The Wooden Floor Store Franchise co-founder“We want successful franchisees to enjoy the same lifestyles that we do. We are all family people who work hard and play hard, enjoying the rewards of our efforts. Everyone has dreams, whether taking control of their time, building a business empire or enjoying nice holidays, cars and the rest!”

“Richard and Ross just have so much energy and passion. I wanted to buy into someone else’s business because they’d done it before... with Richard and Ross, not only had they done it before, but wood flooring was their life and their passion. Their passion meant everything, it’s exactly what I was looking for. If someone doesn’t have passion for their own business, then why should I? Infectious is the word I’d use to describe it. The support has been amazing.”

Cajetan Kii, Fulham franchisee

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