Snap Fitness 24/7 franchise

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Snap Fitness 24/7 franchise

A Franchise Fit for the Future

As fitness industry innovators, Snap Fitness is is pushing boundaries of what we expect a fitness company to do. As a Franchisor we offer unrivalled support and guidance with the prospect of healthy and sustainable returns, for those taking their first step or diversifying their business portfolio.

Minimum investment

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Total investment

Franchise fees

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Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    dependent on site
  • Advertising fee:
    c.£1400 pcm
  • Royalty fee:
    £650 + member fees
  • Average floor space:
    7,500 sq ft

About Snap Fitness 24/7

A Franchise fit for the future.

Snap Fitness has been leading innovation in fitness since 2003.  The have rapidly expanded across the world and now has 1,000+ clubs in over 20+ countries.  They are focused on offering the most inclusive and supportive fitness experience to members of every level of experience. Offer 24/7 access to premium equipment and facilities.

Why Snap Fitness

Fitness is booming globally and the UK & Ireland market has grown exponentially over the last 10 years to £5bn in 2019.  Whilst many gym concepts have seen a decline in membership levels following the pandemic, Snap Fitness is experiencing strong growth -  by July 2021 membership levels had grown by +14.5% across the network of clubs open pre Covid.

Snap Fitness are focused on growing the right way, they have and continue to invest in all business areas, from infrastructure through to people.  They have also invested into a global research project and identified a huge, untapped opportunity to attract large numbers of potential new members who currently feel intimated by the way the general fitness industry is perceived.   Their findings are shaping the brand and product development strategies to ensure they are creating a holistic, truly supportive member experience.

Snap Fitness offers franchisees:

  • Globally established network: Their network allows them to leverage a wealth of infrastructure and experience, enhanced by in market expertise and knowledge.
  • Economies of scales: They have global vendor agreements in place that reduces investment into project and ongoing costs
  • Member numbers:  A model that doesn’t rely on large volumes of members to ensure a good financial return, ensures focus to improve member retention.
  • A competitive brand value proposition:  They separate themselves from the budget gyms by offering a premium 24/7 fitness experience that rivals the more expensive mid market players. A brand that is focused on help people create positive lifestyle habits that make them feel fantastic – both physically and mentally.
  • Technology focused:  Their in-club technology supports members desire to work out on their terms, and products like FitnessOnDemand & Myzone.
  • Modular gym design: Adaptable to a variety of units creating opportunities in markets from as small as 10,000 people all the way up to big cities.

Training and support provided

Partnership is integral to how we work with our franchisees – and how we continue to develop the Snap Fitness brand.

We give all our franchisees the support needed to get started, grow and thrive. And we provide all the tools needed to deliver a great service for members.

  • Planning & finance: Access to funding opportunities through partnerships with leading lenders
  • Property: In-house property experts to help you find and develop the right sites
  • Recruitment & training: Our recruitment partners specialise in fitness and ensure access to the best candidates available. You get access to comprehensive, best in class training for yourself and your staff members
  • Pre-sale & launch: Brand marketing support and continued coaching putting you on the front foot
  • Personal contact: A Franchisee Business Manager to ensure you have the insight and support to operate your business effectively
  • Ongoing growth: We provide continued operations, coaching and marketing support. You can join as a multi-club owner or we’ll help you work towards this in 2-3 years
  • Member analytics: Innovative back-end technology gives you insight into member behaviour and needs

The ideal Snap Fitness 24/7 franchisee

We’re seeking ambitious, forward thinking and service-oriented Franchise Partners who share our mission and want to play a role in the booming global interest in health and wellness. Those who see the commercial opportunity in making boutique clubs more accessible, supporting members in achieving realistic and sustainable fitness goals.

We offer you a relatively low up-front investment approximately one-third of a traditional gym franchise, the opportunity for a fast ROI in just 2-3 years, and a clear path to long-term, sustainable growth. With the backing of our global network, you’ll get the expert support, technology, training and tools you need to build your business.

So, whether you’re looking to expand or diversify your existing portfolio or turn your passion for fitness into a profitable career, a Snap Fitness franchise is the future you’ve been looking for.

Snap Fitness 24/7's history

Snap Fitness has been leading innovation in fitness since 2003. They were one of the first brands to recognise that people should be able to workout on their time and be open 24/7. They have developed a model that is not reliant on Clubs been staffed at all time, but one that is focused on offering premium experience vs. the budget competitors in the market.

They have built a global network of 1,000+ clubs in 20+ countries with more than a million members. They first opened in the UK in 2014 with a master franchisor, growing to 67 clubs in the UK and 2 in Ireland by 2019. In October 2020, parent company, Lift Brands, reacquired the master franchise and have invested further into technology, infrastructure and people. There are currently 75 clubs open, 5 more opening before the end of 2021 and 10 already in the pipeline for 2022. They have ambitious growth plans ahead.

Case studies

What do their franchises say?

“I looked at a number of different franchises, I really liked the concept of Snap Fitness including the fact that there are a number of locations available worldwide for members to use, along with Snap’s philosophy, the look of the clubs and the 24/7 opening hours.

I’m an accountant and I have successfully run a Snap Fitness since 2017 with the support and encouragement of the head office team here in the UK, If I can do it anyone can!”

Ash Pattani,  Snap Fitness Franchisee

"Our MSG Group joined Snap Fitness in its infancy in the UK. We saw an opportunity for the fitness brand to grow and were excited about the passion to build a sustainable UK fitness brand.

"The support we receive is exceptionally accommodating and forward-thinking. We’ve received great hands-on training and enjoy working with a team that is open to new views on operations strategy. We operate our franchise group as one team that works together.

Maria O'Keefe,

Get in touch with the Snap Fitness team for an initial conversation to discuss your goals and the right approach for you.

Following this you’ll be provided with an in depth Investment Pack and information on available territories.

You’ll also meet with the dedicated UK head office team and a visit to one of our clubs to further understand the competitive advantages a Snap Fitness franchise offers.

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