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Principal Tutors franchise

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We provide one to one tutors to parents, schools and local authorities. Tutor Yourself or Manage a Team. Work from Home and Benefit from 4 Income Streams in the Booming Tutoring Market.

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About Principal Tutors

Principal Tutors is a professional home-based tuition services provider. We provide one to one home tutors in a range of subjects.

Principal Tutors Franchise Education

Principal Tutors is an affordable tutoring franchise based in the UK, where you can work from home on a part-time or full-time basis. The business model behind Principal Tutors is different to most educational franchises; we provide a mixed variety of bespoke tuition services to a wide ranging client base, thereby maximising opportunities for revenue.

As a franchisee of Principal Tutors you have the option to become hands-on from day one in your business by offering tuition services yourself direct to your clients. Alternatively, you may choose to run the business from a management perspective whereby you engage the services of self-employed tutors to deliver the tuition on your behalf. Furthermore, you may choose to mix the two approaches.

Principal tutors franchise kids

By having this flexible approach to business means that the possibilities for generating revenue are increased significantly

Low Cost to Start | Fixed Monthly Fees | No Tie Ins

** Limited Time Only – Special Offers Available **

Franchise License Fees Currently Reduced to Just £995

Who Does the Tutoring?

Principal Tutors Franchise Management or Solo tutoring

You do not need to do any tutoring yourself unless you choose to do so. This is a flexible tutoring franchise; you can either tutor yourself or manage a team of local tutors to tutor on your behalf.

You can work from home, part-time or full-time setting your own hours and fitting the business around your existing commitments.

What Subjects Do You Offer?

You decide - we offer tuition in a range of subjects and these can be school based such as maths, English and science at primary, GCSE and A-Level or vocational such as musical instrument tuition and foreign languages. There is no limit to the subjects, and it is your choice as to which of these you wish to specialise in.

Principal tutors franchise maths and english

Principal Tutors Franchise Music

Low Cost Tutoring Franchise with Low Fixed Monthly Fees & No Tie-Ins

Principal Tutors has been designed to be an affordable education franchise with an extremely low initial franchise license fee and low fixed management fees, so you will always know what you will be paying.

Furthermore, unlike many franchises, we do not tie you in with expensive exit penalties, so there really has never been a better low-risk opportunity to start your own tutoring business.

Passive Commission Income

Principal Tutors Franchise profitAt it’s heart, our business model is simple and easy to replicate, yet it has the potential to provide you with a passive income in the form of monthly commission payments. Every time one of your tutors delivers a lesson on your behalf, you get paid, and this can continue for months or even years in to the future.

Work from Home

Principal tutors franchise home based

Provide a personalised customer support service for your local area and build a reputation for your business. Set your own financial goals and we will help you to grow your tutoring business to the level that you prefer. You can work from home on a part-time or full-time basis, and all you really need is a passion for education and helping people and a commitment to build a secure and sustainable local enterprise.

Training and support provided

Training & Support - Accessible & Friendly

Principal tutors franchise training and support

Full training and on-going support is provided from an accessible and understanding franchisor with many years of experience in the tutoring, education, training and local business sectors.

Training can be provided remotely from the comfort of your home at a time to suit you in easy to follow bite-sized chunks.

Management of your online advertising in Google is included as part of our support service to you, and this will give you page 1 listings in Google for tutoring services in your area!

We will also support and coach you in various marketing and growth strategies to help you grow your business, as well as managing your team.

One of the biggest reasons for starting your business as a franchise rather than going it alone is that you benefit from our experience in the education and tutoring market which in turn provides you with a ready to go business model, with everything designed for you already in place, such as marketing material, website, agreements and policies etc.

In addition to this, we provide a comprehensive Operations Manual which explains how you go about doing everything regarding starting and running your business. This is then backed up by our training and on-going unlimited support via telephone and email. We do everything we can to guide you on the right path to success, which also includes advising you on what not to do as well as what to do!

Our comprehensive Operations Manual together with our training shows you exactly how to recruit, vet and manage your own team of tutors. We also show you how to introduce your tutors to clients, how to manage the relationship between the different parties and how to receive a monthly income from the process.

The ideal Principal Tutors franchisee

If you wish to tutor yourself, you will need an education background, but if you wish to manage a team of tutors, then any relevant background will be considered.

Principal Tutors Franchise work from home

We can teach and train you as a franchisee to run the business from a management perspective, because in this scenario, the tutors you engage with are responsible for delivering the tuition. However, if you wish to deliver some tuition yourself, to boost your income in the early stages of your business, then it stands to reason that you will need the same prerequisites as any other tutor that you would work with in your team, such as qualifications related to the subject you wish to tutor and a university degree as a minimum.

Ideally, we look for people with skills and experience in some of the areas listed below, although every application to join the Principal Tutors franchise network is examined on it’s own merits, so you should not take this as an exhaustive or exclusive list; it is merely a guide.
Franchisees can be experienced in many different professions and areas …

  • Education, teaching, training, tutoring, lecturing, mentoring, coaching, instructors, etc.
  • Management, supervision, leadership, other professional occupations, etc.

However, some of the most important qualities of any successful franchisee are:

  • Motivation, drive, resilience and determination.

Principal Tutors Franchise success

Successful franchisees will be able to integrate their tutoring business into the local community to provide a meaningful hard-to-find tutoring service for the benefit of pupils in their local area.

You will need drive, resilience and a passion for education and helping others. We can train you in the rest!

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