Optic-Kleer franchise

Min investment


Optic-Kleer franchise

You repair whilst your customer shops.

Optic-Kleer is the largest windscreen repair company in the UK.

Minimum investment

Funding support

Total investment
£20,000 +VAT

Franchise fees
£20,000 +VAT

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment

  • Operating fee:
    17.5% management fee
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
  • Average floor space:

About Optic-Kleer

Optic-Kleer franchise information

Clearly the best

At Optic-Kleer we have over 30 years’ experience in the windscreen repair business. Never have to worry about making cold calls, dropping leaflets, and other taxing propagandas because the customers come to us. We are now a well-established brand, so you already have customers awaiting. Moreover, our quality service has been recognised by many insurance companies and they often refer customers to us. The advantage of an Optic-Kleer franchise is that the potential big mistakes have already been ironed out of the system. These are just some of the solid reason why Optic-Kleer will give you financial freedom, whilst letting you be the boss of your own business. As a franchisee with Optic-Kleer, earnings are uncapped therefore the more windscreens you repair, the more you will earn.

Big News from the Optic-Kleer franchise.

MD, David Overton is very pleased to announce that, after many years of intensive negotiation, he has now secured an incredible new deal for the Optic-Kleer franchise network:

Optic-Kleer franchisees are now able to trade in the car parks of more than 450 Sainsbury's stores nationwide.

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Training and support provided

Prior to the launch of your own franchise, you will participate in our initial training programme which takes place at the head office in Boston, Lincolnshire.

All new recruits benefit from a mix of classroom and field-based training. Long-standing franchisee, John Speare, has more than a decade under his belt and has repaired thousands of windscreens. He now heads up Optic-Kleer’s initial training and has developed a 2-day in-field programme designed to equip you with the confidence and skills to earn from day one.

In addition to the initial training you will have mentoring with one of our experienced technicians who will help you turn the workshop training into reality with real earnings and actual hands-on repairs on real customers’ cars. We will provide half board accommodation, so you can arrive with no expenses and leave with a fully functional business.

After the launch of your business, the Optic-Kleer team will continue to support you in marketing, sales, advertising, and any issue that may rise. As part of our ongoing development, we provide professional support to help you further your business aims and objectives. In addition to developing the business as a whole, Optic-Kleer provides franchisees with a full package of ongoing managerial support services. Overall, we are a brand that is committed to seeing our franchisees grow and help them become as successful as possible.

Optic Kleer Franchise Satisfaction

Optic-Kleer also achieved 5 Star Franchisee Satisfaction Status in 2021

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The ideal Optic-Kleer franchisee

Do you have a good entrepreneurial spirit, good finance managing skills, and the ambition to run your own business? Then Optic Kleer wants to work with you!

Just like any other position in the business industry a positive attitude and approach is essential. As an Optic-Kleer franchisee you need to be friendly and have the ability to talk to people. If you have the right attitude and approach you will have plenty of happy customers. We are looking for people that have the energy and motivation to run their own business. We don't require franchisees to have prior experience in windscreen repairs, we are more focused in finding people with good business acumen and the willingness to commit to our brand full-time.

Your investment

Optic-Kleer’s low investment level makes this a truly accessible franchise. Priced at £20,000 + VAT for an exclusive territory, the package includes equipment and initial consumables, marketing collateral and access to the brand’s bespoke IT solutions. As well as start-up training and ongoing mentoring.

Your franchise fee covers an impressive package of branded marketing collateral, including the eye-catching overhead canopy, which will help to firmly establish you as the go-to repair service in your area.

Your earnings potential

With any franchise, the amount of effort you put in will determine the amount you get out of it; Optic-Kleer franchisees will, typically, average 5 windscreen repairs a day, working 21 days a month which generates £5,460** a month.

“The stock I have to hold is next to nothing. What I need I can order and have within a few days from head office. It’s a nice easy ordering process,” Mark Steels, Peterborough & Spalding franchisee

Is there demand for Optic-Kleer?

YES…. Government figures show that there are now around 38.0 million vehicles in the UK, 31 million or so of which are cars. With so many vehicles being used there is a large and steady demand for repair or replacement of broken glass.#

PLUS – according to Plimsoll Analysis the average growth in the UK Windscreen Replacement Services market reached 9.1% in the latest year. ##

When you take into account figures that show one in five vehicles get a chip in the windscreen every year the potential market for windscreen repairs is 6 million every year.

Sources: **Average repair cost based upon Operator data 2021/22. Your turnover will be subject to tax, business running costs and site fees.



- Reviews from 10th November 2022

Optic-Kleer's history

Optic-Kleer have been repairing stone-chip damage to customers windscreens since 1991 and are very proud of the excellent reputation of repairs. We are situated in various DIY hardware stores, and supermarkets around the country. Optic-Kleer has grown to having sites in UK and US, and is now headed by entrepreneur/car salesman David Overton.

The core of our service is the prevention of any further damage on a client’s windscreen. Optic-Kleer is as easy to market, as it is for people to avail them; most of the repairs we provide take only around twenty minutes - the average shopping time of a person. Moreover, we use only the latest gadgets in windscreen repair; no rivalling companies provide service at our quality and speed.

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