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The new Partner secured a £69,000 mortgage from Kensington, for a £92,000 property in Eastbourne.

The case was initially considered to be a simple one due to the relatively small size of the loan – a remortgage containing a substantial deposit of £23,000. Thankfully, this proved to be the case, and it moved relatively easily through Kensington, the chosen lender. The new Your Mortgage Plus network partner and franchisee was supported at every turn, and though they did have previous experience in the property industry, they still found the support offered by the mortgage broker franchise’s regulated network support manager to be invaluable.

In the words of Your Mortgage Plus, “When you are out in the financial market operating as a mortgage and protection advisor, the majority of cases you come across are likely to have their own unique quirks that can present a variety of different challenges. With time, you will get more comfortable overcoming these challenges, identifying any sticking points earlier and earlier in the process, and understanding what your next steps are in terms of identifying a solution.”

That means that support and guidance as you’re getting off the ground and finding your feet as a mortgage broker is crucial, and Your Mortgage Plus is happy to provide this, saying, “[During your first case] you are not necessarily going to have that knowledge and confidence, and that is why the support of an experienced advisor can be critical.” If you’d like to invest with a company which will fully support your needs as you get up and running, you can invest with Your Mortgage Plus for a minimum initial amount of £9,995. Find out more about the mortgage broker network via its profile page, which you’ll see linked above.

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