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Lorna Black secured a mortgage with Skipton Building Society, working closely with Business Development Manager Aidan Walker.

In Aidan’s words, Lorna’s recent work “sailed through”, and the Your Mortgage Plus Advisor was able to help a contractor obtain a mortgage. In this case, Lorna sent initial illustrations to alternative lenders to test their appetite, but eventually returned to Skipton Building Society as their day rate was better. Lorna spent time communicating with Aidan, who provided good support and guidance and gave her time to understand the criteria and flexibility of the products on offer, giving her the confidence that the case she was submitting (for the contractor) would be happily accepted.

Discussing the case, the mortgage broker franchise said, “Lorna stresses the importance of having good relationships with lender [Business Development Managers], as in some cases this can make or break an application being accepted. This was particularly clear in this case, as the client in question had a history of adverse credit, a factor which [would sometimes be a sticking point]. The offer was put forward from Skipton within 48 hours, an incredibly quick turn around and one that was enabled by the strong channels of communication between Lorna and Aidan.”

Even though Lorna put in the hard work and developed that relationship to ensure success, not everything was within her control, and unfortunately, the buyer of the client’s current address pulled out of the sale, so the case had to be paused just one and a half hours after the application was accepted by Skipton Building Society. Luckily, Skipton have now graciously offered the client a six-month time frame from initial offer to expiration, and in no time at all, the process will hopefully be moving again. To find out more about franchising with Your Mortgage Plus, visit the company’s profile page, which is linked above.

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