Young rising stars prove age Is no barrier to success in franchising!

Sylvian Care franchise
Sylvian Care Providing a professional, individual and personal approach to Domiciliary Care

Sylvian Care is a family owned and managed business whose purpose is, to allow our clients the opportunity to enjoy the maximum level of independence for as long as is practical in the comfort of their own homes.

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Our Farnham franchisees are the perfect example of how important it is to follow your dreams 

While summer is still only just fading into autumn, our elderly population are still feeling the cold grip of something even more terrible than winter: loneliness. People are living longer lives, which is a good thing, but the flipside is that so many more are spending long years in solitude, and loneliness is one of the biggest challenges older people face when it comes to both their physical and mental health. 

So many are desperately crying out for that essential human connection, but stepping up to answer this call are our extraordinary duo from Sylvian Care Farnham, Andrada, 28, and Claudiu, 37, who are breaking the mold and exceeding even our high expectations with their new franchise.  

Sylvian Care Farnham recently received their registration with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), signifying its readiness to bring unparalleled care services to the elderly in the Farnham region. While this is of vital importance to any care business, what makes this particular franchise truly special is the story of its founders. 

Andrada and Claudiu didn’t start out with a plan to follow a career in care. Graduating with degrees in Management and Psychology, respectively, they did not follow their classmates on the usual corporate routes, but chose a very different path instead. Their journey began while supporting themselves through their studies by working in care. What was initially just a job, soon blossomed into a deep-rooted passion, and it soon became clear to them both that this would was a transformative experience. Home care was to become not just a new career for them, but a true vocation and calling which would lead them to starting their own business.  

Their story is not just inspiring, but also emblematic of the vast potential the care industry offers. Youthful enthusiasm, combined with the foundation of their academic backgrounds and on-the-job experience, gave the duo a fresh, innovative perspective on care which is serving them incredibly well in their new endeavour. They stand as a true testament to the fact that with the right vision, motivation, and support, age becomes inconsequential. 

Sylvian Care’s mission has always been to offer more than just care. We aim to create an unparalleled care experience built on the power of human connection. We believe in understanding every individual’s unique needs, preferences, and aspirations, ensuring that the care provided is designed to foster happiness, dignity, and purpose.  

Andrada and Claudiu, driven by this very mission, are now poised to make a significant impact in their local community in Farnham. Their story is a wonderful example of how taking the road less travelled can lead us to extraordinary new discoveries about ourselves and our abilities, creating wonderful new opportunities in our careers. Now own their own true path, their passion and commitment will help elevate providing care into a mission to forge life-changing connections.  

Are you inspired by Andrada and Claudiu's journey? Do you see yourself making a difference and craving to be a part of such a fulfilling mission? Sylvian Care invites you to consider joining our growing franchise community. With the unbeatable combination of a proven business model and the fulfilling opportunity to make genuine connections, Sylvian Care could be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to make a positive change in the lives of those most in need – and your own.  

Get in touch today to discover more about our franchise opportunities. Your journey to creating impactful connections and a rewarding business awaits! 

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