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Yolé The Healthy Frozen yogurt and Ice Cream

Yolé brings you to the NEW ERA of ice cream and frozen yogurt. Its revolutionary formula brings you to a new dimension of low-calorie desserts, full of flavour and zero sugar added. Yolé means a new way to make and eat ice cream: better, healthier, more conscientious ice cream, and above all full of flavor. Its mission is to bringing it to everyone, everywhere. Yolé offers a variety of outlets starting with a low-cost food truck model, kiosks in shopping centres to complete restaurant units with seating.

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The dessert franchise, which serves customers delicious ice cream and healthy frozen yoghurt treats, has joined the Point Franchise family.

Yolé is ushering in a new era of desserts and becoming beloved by more and more customers every day. With over 50 locations in 10 different countries, the ice cream franchise is growing fast and is the first of its kind to offer not just classic ice cream delights, but vegan and no added sugar treats, sugar bubble waffles and tasty frappucinos. Constantly working on research and development, the brand is endlessly creating new and exciting flavours and products.

If you’re interested in joining a franchise network as innovative and fast-expanding as Yolé, you can become a franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £50,000, with franchise fees of £20,000. After two years in business running your own Yolé ice cream shop, your expected revenue stands at around £500,000. This means you’ll soon be able to recoup that initial investment and turn a profit, benefitting from a strong existing customer base, a proven operational model and an advantageous place in a growing sector of food service.

In the words of Yolé, “We are looking for individuals or corporations with a proven track record of successfully growing a business and the financial capacity to develop a territory.” If this sounds like you, and you’re also an ambitious, driven person with a passion for food and restaurant operations - and especially for sweet treat stores like this ice cream chain - you’re likely the perfect Yolé franchisee.

To find out more about starting your own Yolé franchise and benefitting from “a low investment with a high and fast profitability model with no sugar added frozen desserts that compete in flavour with sugar added leading brands”, visit the ice cream company’s profile page. You’ll discover it linked above.

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