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WOLF has been revealing some of its delicious secrets that make its food so irresistible as well as the key to its success.

In an exciting interview with business publication Forbes, WOLF revealed some of the secrets which make its fusion Italian street food so tasty. It began by revealing the process behind its customer favourite porchetta sandwiches, which take an incredible three days to make.

The restaurant franchises London branch begins the process every Tuesday and founder and owner Tim Entwistle shared the steps that go into making the delectable filling.

We marinate the pork over the first night, and then we cook it long and slow over the second night. Its amazing. Everybody knows that Thursday is porchetta day, so they all come in early.

Speaking about WOLFs signature offering, the Piada (which comes from the traditional Italian flatbread the piadina), Entwistle said:

Its basically an Italian burrito. People understand burritos. I took that concept and used Italian ingredients.

Explaining what motivated him to start the WOLF franchise, Entwistle revealed that he took a trip around Italy to immerse himself in the countrys incredible cuisine.

I took all the flavours I loved and decided to present them in four different formatsour signature piada, pasta, salad, and, of course, pizza.

The restaurant franchise has already seen great success, with seven restaurants currently operating across the UK (four of which are owned by franchisees), and Entwistle hopes that this growth will continue into the near future.

We expect to get to 10 stores by the end of this year, and 20 by the end of next year.

WOLF also prides itself on quick service, using the latest POS technology to ensure it can keep up with lunchtime rushes and serve its customers up some delicious Italian street food in a matter of minutes.

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