Bagel Corner: From Inventive Origins to Expanding Success

Bagel Corner franchise
Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is a successful French Bagel restaurant concept.

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The history of beloved pastries takes us back to 1847 when a young American seaman named Hanson Gregory claimed to have revolutionised the doughnut aboard a lime-trading ship. Dissatisfied with the greasy, twisted fried pastries served onboard, Gregory set out to reinvent them, ultimately creating a treat that closely resembles the doughnuts we enjoy today. However, recent discoveries suggest that the doughnut's origins may date back even further. In 2013, a book of recipes belonging to Baroness Dimsdale surfaced, revealing a detailed doughnut recipe from as early as 1800, referred to as the "Hertfordshire nut." 

On a parallel culinary journey, the bagel emerged in Jewish communities in Poland around 1610. Bagel is, in fact, a Yiddish name for ‘ring-shaped bread’.Traditionally made by hand, the yeasted wheat dough was formed into a ring shape, boiled, and then baked, resulting in a dense, chewy interior and a golden exterior. As Jewish immigrants brought their cherished bagels to America, the iconic baked goods quickly gained popularity beyond their community. 

The bagel, a global household staple, has evolved over four centuries and now holds the prestigious title of the world's most expensive bagel, priced as high as £1,000 in select establishments. The opulent creation, reintroduced by The Westin Hotel in Times Square, New York, features Alba white truffle cream cheese, goji berry-infused Riesling jelly and delicate gold leaf flakes.  

In 2010, Bagel Corner seized the opportunity to establish the first quick-serve bagel restaurant chain, gaining rapid acclaim for their delicious recipes. The success led to the opening of multiple eateries across France and partnerships with esteemed organisations like Galeries Lafayette, Google France, Elior, Newrest, and renowned chef Thierry Marx. 

Now, Bagel Corner is poised to make its mark in the UK, inviting ambitious master franchisees to join their team and be part of a rapidly expanding network. With the goal of establishing over 100 Bagel Corner restaurants by 2020, the company is offering a promising opportunity for enterprising individuals to be part of their success stories. 

Bagel Corner's journey, from the innovative roots of the doughnut and the humble beginnings of the bagel to its current expansion, showcases the enduring appeal and culinary ingenuity of these beloved treats. 

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