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Through pandemic struggles and a lot of hard work, Amrit Rahi has been inspiring students in her local community with her tutoring services since she invested with Tutor Doctor in 2017.

Amrit is a conscientious businesswoman based in Greenwich who, in the words of Tutor Doctor, “has established herself as an important part of improving the wellbeing of children and students in South East London”. She’s now celebrating five years with the tutoring franchise and helping vulnerable young people to a huge extent each working day.  Though Amrit experienced “a sudden and unexpected change” at the start of the pandemic, the tutoring franchise’s support was able to see her through, and her business has continued to thrive. 

As Tutor Doctor explained, “After five years and over 10,000 hours of tutoring, Tutor Doctor Greenwich, managed by Amrit, has certified its mastery status as a leading education provider in London.” According to Amrit, her personal adversity “really motivated [her] to crack on and elevate Tutor Doctor to the next level”, ensuring the services offered “became even more accessible” and filling “the education gap that had been exposed due to the pandemic”.

Amrit said, “Through elevating our services, we have been able to hit the ground running out of the pandemic, with our amazing community of more than 250 tutors taking on more responsibility and becoming key figures in the lives and wellbeing of children in our community With this, I have also been able to devote my time towards my education consultancy role for Lambeth Council, which supports young people that are in care by giving them a solid chance at reaching their full potential.”

Amrit continued, “I’ve devoted a lot of passion towards working with this cohort of young people that have begun with the least chances and have ultimately risen up to reach their full potential. My current role has even enabled me to help asylum seekers and refugees get into employment and help other vulnerable young people find apprenticeships and traineeships.” Tutor Doctor’s Greenwich also donates a portion of proceeds to mental health charity MIND.

If you’d like to create a business as crucial to the wellbeing of young people as Amrit’s, you too can become a Tutor Doctor franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £33,000, with a total investment cost of £34,700. Find out more about starting your franchising journey with Tutor Doctor via the franchise’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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