Top Ten places in the UK where home improvement is booming

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It’s no secret that the home improvement sector is booming. There’s never been a better time to invest in a kitchen and bathroom franchise like Granite & TREND Transformations.

While many businesses struggled during the pandemic, we experienced one of our busiest years on record. You can read more about that here: Kitchen Franchise Brand Benefits from a surge in Home Improvements.

Of course, it is too soon to say for sure for 2021, but given our trade so far and the number of new franchise partners joining us, it’s shaping up to be another bumper year. The unique way in which we work means that we can offer something markedly different from our competition. Innovative products, such as our Top that Fits on Top, gives our customers a way to transform their kitchens and bathrooms without the need for all the usual mess, disruption and cost that usually comes with it. By helping our customers to make over the most important rooms in the house, rather than start over, we have a major advantage over our competition.

According to Rated People’s Home Improvement Trend Report, on average, around 50% of homeowners decided to have work done on their homes during 2020. Ten key areas of the UK saw a particularly large rise in spending, with an increase of more than 15% in some areas.

You will probably not be surprised to learn that Granite & TREND Transformation already has a lot of these places covered. As one the UK’s leading Kitchen and Bathroom renovation franchises, we already have more than 60 locations around the country where are franchisees are building their own successful business under our renowned brand. In fact, we are confident in saying that our partners are responsible for quite a lot of these home improvements!

However, much of the UK is still very much open to opportunity, with literally millions of customers who are still able to benefit from what you could offer them as our franchise partner.

Don’t forget, resale opportunities also come up all the time. As many franchisees stay with us long-term, some are naturally considering retirement in the near future, or have grown their business to the point where they are considering selling on their established territories.

As a result, we have regular opportunities for new franchisees to invest in a territory that has already been developed. This has a significant advantage over starting a territory afresh, as you will already be able to tap into the customer base and reputation a successful franchisee has built and begin your new enterprise with a substantial head-start.

So, the big question is: where is business booming the most and is there an opportunity there for you to run your own rewarding Granite & TREND franchise?

The top 10 cities where the most people did home improvement work in 2020, as a percentage of home owners, and where a Granite & TREND Transformations franchise is available:

  1. Birmingham 53% - Territory available! New franchise territories are now available. We have multiple opportunities in and around the Birmingham area. 
  2. Glasgow 53% - Territory available!
  3. Belfast 52% - Territory available! The Belfast territory has recently become available and we are receiving a high number of requests from customers wanting our kitchen and Bathroom makeovers.
  4. Brighton 50% - New franchise opportunity! The showroom in nearby Eastbourne is currently run as a corporate store, but we are looking for partners to expand our brand in the south-east, from Brighton to Bournemouth. 
  5. Norwich 48% - Already taken! Though there are still a number of franchise opportunities available in neighbouring areas.
  6. Sheffield 48% - Territory available!
  7. London 48% - Territory available! some areas of Greater London are already taken, but the city is still full of opportunities for you to tap into this huge customer base. We also have some availability in the surrounding home counties. 
  8. Liverpool 47% - Already taken! Though there are still a number of franchise opportunities available in neighbouring areas.
  9. Bristol 45% - Already taken! Again, however, much of the surrounding area is still waiting to be snapped up.
  10. Newcastle 45% - Territory available!

Joining the Granite & TREND Transformations franchise gives you the opportunity to be you own boss, as well as trade under an established brand with all the support, skills and expertise that comes with it. This could be your chance to build a business you can be proud of and tap into a market with huge growth potential.

So, if you are interested in any of the above territories, or want to learn more about the opportunities in your area, request information above.

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