The Cost Reduction Company joins Point Franchise

The Cost Reduction Company franchise
The Cost Reduction Company We work with businesses to reduce their costs whilst helping our clients become more sustainable and reduce their carbon footprint, through green smart technologies and consumption reduction programmes.

Our franchise has a strong earning potential but also helps to reduce our client’s impact on the environment.

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The consulting franchise, which specialises in helping businesses of all shapes and sizes to streamline and reduce their costs, has joined the Point Franchise network. 

The Cost Reduction Company was first established in 2009 by Nigel Ward. Nigel had successfully identified a niche in the consulting market after working for several businesses in the industry for a cumulative total of 30 years, and he positioned his consulting franchise perfectly within this niche and watched it grow from there. The Cost Reduction Company is passionate about helping small, medium and large businesses across the UK, encouraging increased sustainability and lowered consumption while paving the way for savings to be made.

Utilising green smart technologies, consumption reduction programmes and many more groundbreaking initiatives to stay ahead of the game, The Cost Reduction Company is unlike any other brand in its area. If you’d like to invest, you can become a franchisee with The Cost Reduction Company for a minimum initial investment of £18,500. After just two years in business, the franchise anticipates that your revenue will be in the region of £50,000, and the ideal franchisee – according to The Cost Reduction Company – would embrace challenges, demonstrate a genuine interest in the work and have plenty of desire to be successful.

In return for your investment with The Cost Reduction Company, you won’t just be joining a growing UK consulting network dedicated to sustainability and helping other businesses to be the best that they can be. You’ll also receive targeted, comprehensive training, marketing assistance and all the sales support you need. Your scaleable franchise business will have room to grow in time, and you’ll be offered continued development opportunities during your long-term journey as a franchisee.

In the words of The Cost Reduction Company’s founder, Nigel, “Whether you are saving your clients money, improving their bottom line, giving them access to technology and services that they had previously no idea existed, or significantly improving their levels of sustainability, as a CRC Franchisee you will be surprised how quickly you can build strong and rewarding relationships with clients.” Find out more about franchising with The Cost Reduction Company via its profile page, linked above.

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