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nationwide-cleaners-beat-cost-of-living-crisisThe cost of living crisis is featured heavily in the media. However, what is its actual impact on cleaning businesses?

Well, significantly less than you might imagine. Sure, Nationwide Cleaners have experienced a few cancellations, citing the reason for saving money. But the underlining reasons are traced back to solvable issues that Nationwide Cleaners are addressing through expansion, such as clients moving out of the area not covered by a Nationwide Cleaner franchise. Furthermore, there are always new customers if you execute the right marketing strategy, connecting with the potential new client at a fundamental level. For instance, a dedication to quality cleaning still strikes a deep cord with many existing and potential customers.

For example, many customers are elderly, and although a few may cut their cleaner's hours, they need the service, so it is not something they can stop, compared to numerous other services.

New enquiries are back to pre-Covid levels.

Nationwide Cleaners is one of the longest-established cleaning franchising companies in the U.K, with a British Franchise Association membership to boot. In other words, Nationwide Cleaners have the experience of having experienced many economic cycles and knows how to deal with them. Still, new Nationwide Franchisees are thriving, with others purchased under a resale. While one of the strongest franchise propositions Nationwide Cleaners offers is the option of managing it anywhere. In fact, it is very affordable to become part of the Nationwide Cleaners franchise network. All you need is a total investment of £7,999, with the option of third-party funding to help you get started. Then, after two years of business, you can expect to earn £60,000 in revenue.

So, do not hesitate to contact them for an information pack by clicking the orange button below.


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