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The Alternative Board has uncovered just how hard small business owners are working in a recent survey and shares the risk of burnout.

Running a small business or setting up on your own as an entrepreneur can be incredibly difficult. An article in Inc. magazine has revealed what new business owners are up against.

According a recent poll by The Alternative Board, 82% of small business owners work more than 40 hours a week and nearly half put in a staggering 50+ hours every single working week. And while everyone knows that running your own business takes time and dedication, the survey by the business coaching franchise found that less than half of those questioned said they put in the hours happily or enthusiastically. Worryingly, many business owners cited reasons such as fear of failure or feeling like they could be easily forgotten or replaced as their motivation for working so hard.

Following the startling information that The Alternative Boards survey uncovered, the article featured other business experts sharing their best tips for avoiding burnout and making sure that a successful work/life balance can be achieved. The invaluable advice included setting a limit on the time spent answering emails in the evening, taking breaks (including holidays) as often as you can and using one platform for communicating with clients instead of juggling conversations across multiple social media or messaging apps.

Of course, stressed business owners can always seek advice from their local The Alternative Board on everything from finances, HR, sales and improving their work/life balance. With its supportive local boards made up of successful business owners, it offers friendly 1-2-1 advice from people who know exactly the kind of struggles new entrepreneurs face. With more than 30 years experience behind its lucrative business model, The Alternative Board continues to expand across the globe.

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