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The bookkeeping and accounting franchise was delighted to announce recently that it had retained its Top 25 spot in the 2021 Accountancy Age industry rankings. 

TaxAssist Accountants has been dedicated to providing high quality accountancy and tax services to small businesses and self-employed individuals for many years now. The bookkeeping and accounting franchise is undeniably passionate about what it does, from one end of the network to the other, and this passion (along with consistency, care and customer service) has gained TaxAssist a wonderful reputation. 

With all of this known, it should come as no surprise to learn that the franchise managed to maintain its place in the 2021 Accountancy Age industry rankings this year. In fact, according to the “highly regarded Accountancy Age industry league table”, TaxAssist Accountants “is the 22nd largest accounting provider in the UK” and has enjoyed a “3.75% increase in fee income” across 2021.

Daren Moore, TaxAssist’s Group Commercial Director, spoke on the retention. He said, “We’re pleased to have retained our top 25 position in the Accountancy Age league and shown strong growth in some challenging times. 2021 has seen even stronger growth in fee income and we expect it to be a record year for us.”

Daren added that, “The network has been resilient and we have witnessed a strong recovery since the lockdowns ended in terms of new client numbers and sales. In the short term, we will also be increasing revenue potential for franchisees by rolling out a range of additional advisory and financial services opportunities which will be offered through TaxAssist shops, which bodes well for breaking into the top 20.”

Daren also expressed that the TaxAssist Accountants network is “continuing to recruit new franchisees at a good rate”. If you’d like to become one of these newly recruited franchisees, joining the growing and hugely profitable network, you can find out more about a potential investment with TaxAssist via the company’s profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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