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Subway has teamed up with streaming platform Twitch to launch an exciting month of promotions across the site.

To mark streaming site Twitch’s annual SUBtember event, it has teamed up with sandwich franchise Subway to offer its users some exciting deals and benefits.

The event, which runs from the 3rd of September to the 24th, will give those who use Twitch even more, like 50 percent off Tier One subscriptions to their favourite streamers, which will give them exclusive access to even more content, Q&As and other subscriber only stuff. What’s more, viewers can enjoy ad-free viewing and custom emotes (emojis unique to Twitch) as part of the SUBtember celebrations.

Subway has teamed up with Twitch to make the event even better and it will take to the popular platform during the month of September. Those who ‘cheer’ their favourite channels that are working in affiliation or a partnership with Subway will get 10 percent more bits (a virtual currency used on Twitch) to give to the channels they enjoy the most.

Subway has more than 44,000 stores across the world and offers an incredible choice of healthy, delicious subs for its customers to enjoy. It’s recently expanded its UK menu with 21 new options, which include brand new sauces, tasty meat options and better options for veggies and vegans. Since it was set up in 1965, Subway has become the world’s biggest sandwich franchise and now operates in more than 110 countries across the globe through its proven franchise model.

Subway will also be gifting subscriptions to some lucky Twitch users throughout September, as well as launching its own Twitch channel so that they can get online with their favourite streamers. Those looking to take advantage of the offers will need to be quick, as the only have until the 24th of this month to do so.

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