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Subway has announced that it has opened its first Southern England site where customers can pick up their favourite subs from the comfort of their cars.

Fans of sandwich franchise Subway can now get their hands on one of its tasty subs without even needing to get out of their cars. The town of Swindon is now home to the UKs sixth drive-through Subway, the first in Southern England.

Drive-through branches have been reserved for traditional fast food in the past, with places such as burger restaurants leading the way. However, inspired by the American way of offering a much wider range of food and drink options that you can access without even leaving your vehicle, more have started to pop up across the UK.

The store is owned and operated by Sue and Steve Pasco, who have already amassed more than 15 franchised stores across Bristol and the South West. The skilled entrepreneurs are also development agents for Subway and help other franchise owners with things such as site selection and day-to-day operations management. Their expertise makes them the perfect pair for new franchisees to turn to if they need practical advice from people who were once in the same position.

Sue said that she was delighted to have opened our first drive-through store and looked forward to welcoming the people of Swindon to the location. Many of its customers are bound to come from the Travelodge situated right next door, which will ensure theres always a steady stream of customers waiting to get their customised sandwiches.

The location will also have a number of seats both inside and out the front of the store, meaning that customers who prefer to sit in and relax with their sandwiches will still be able to do so.

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