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Subway shows that its sandwiches truly are customisable as it’s shared the hilarious tale of one woman’s odd drunken combination.

Whether you’re in the mood for something spicy, indulgent or healthy, Subway has something for everyone. However, it’s been sharing the funny tale of one of its more unusual sandwiches that was crafted by a Subway virgin after a boozy night out.

The sandwich franchise took to Twitter to share the story of Anna from London, who stumbled into her local branch after taking on Leeds’ famously boozy Otley Run pub crawl. The 20-year-old had never visited Subway before and, with slightly impaired judgement, wasn’t sure what to fill her first ever sandwich with. Being a veggie too, Anna’s options were limited, so she decided to opt for a salad-based creation.

But, instead of choosing a classic combination like lettuce, tomatoes and onions, or packing her sub with spicy jalapenos, fresh peppers and pepper jack cheese, Anna went for an unusual mixture. One that was so odd it prompted the sub artist behind the counter to post a picture on his social media. The sandwich in question? A cucumber, cheese and black olive sub.

The strange sandwich caused a social media stir, with the worker who made it posting the unusual meal online. It was then picked up by Subway’s main social media account, which backed Anna’s unconventional choice with a tweet that read:

“Looks like he’s just documenting a true masterpiece to me.”

Despite the sandwich not being to everyone’s taste, Anna said:

"I'd stick with cheese and cucumber - but maybe get olives on the side next time!"

Veggies who are after a heartier filling can now try the new Vegan patty, which is packed with tasty red peppers, red onion, spinach, garlic and chilli. It’s bound to be a preferable option for many compared to Anna’s unusual choice.

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