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The Shuttercraft franchise is not just about supplying quality interior plantation shutters, it’s about building a business that you can manage, develop and grow. With a low-risk strategy and no previous experience required, a shutter franchise is the perfect option if you are looking for a business with fantastic growth opportunities in an ever-expanding market.

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Shuttercraft has published a guide with nine tips to help readers work ‘smarter’, not ‘harder’. 

As the management franchise explains, “working smarter saves precious time and energy for the things that really matter — your life goals, your personal growth, your health and your relationships”. 

Here’s a quick run-down of Shuttercraft’s smart working tips, but you can read the full article on LinkedIn. 

  1. Control your environment - move away from distractions and work offline when you really need to focus.
  2. Stop multi-tasking - the brain can start to struggle when you keep switching from one task to another.
  3. Create a routine - According to the franchise, “when we establish routines, we can carry out tasks faster since we don't have to 'think' about the task - or prepare for it - as much”.
  4. Automate more tasks - by reducing the number of decisions you make in a day, you can save energy for more important tasks.
  5. Regularly re-evaluate - in order to avoid wasting time on ineffective or irrelevant tasks, it’s important to review our habits and processes.
  6. Do more of what you enjoy - if you can, outsource jobs you dread and spend more time on tasks you love.
  7. Have a ‘to do’ and a ‘to don’t’ list - avoid wasting time on non-essential tasks that could be postponed or dropped completely.
  8. Expect failure and fight paranoia - when things go wrong, try to accept your mistakes and learn from them.
  9. Look after your greatest resource - Take care of your mental and physical wellbeing; after all, “if you do not get enough sleep, exercise and relaxation, you find that you become less and less productive”.

Shuttercraft is the UK’s largest distributor of interior plantation shutters. It’s been up and running since 2002 and has placed more than 20,000 orders, worth over £10 million in trade value.

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