Schmidt Kitchens joins Point Franchise

Schmidt franchise
Schmidt Schmidt Kitchens and Interior Solutions. Unlike anyone else.

Designing, producing and distributing innovative products and services that play a major part in home improvement in the kitchen, bathroom and interior solution marketplace

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Schmidt Kitchens is the latest business to join Point Franchise’s ever-growing network. Let’s find out more about what it has to offer franchisees and customers alike.

Designing and producing bespoke kitchens, bathrooms and home furnishings, Schmidt Kitchens is a one-stop-shop for those looking to give their homes and businesses a complete overhaul. It currently has an impressive turnover of over €500 million, and we couldn’t be more pleased to welcome the thriving and growing business to our network.

With a focus on offering luxury for a reasonable price, the home improvement and construction franchise tapped into a lucrative market back in 1934 when it first opened. Boasting 710 showrooms globally across 25 countries, its products and service have worldwide appeal.

It is also particularly attractive for those with business acumen looking to establish their own firm. With no entry fees, royalties or stock, the business model minimises cash flow issues and puts the emphasis on franchisees’ own success. It is also structured in a cash positive way, with down payments from customers making it easier to pay suppliers in good time.

Part of Schmidt Kitchens’ success is down to its robust training programme for franchisees, helping them to hit the ground running. Over 14 weeks, new franchisees will learn the ropes of setting up their own Schmidt Kitchens business. From marketing to sales advice and insight on the industry to accounting support, the training ensures new owners have all the essential knowledge to set up their own showroom. The kitchens are often designed using CAD software, which they will be fully trained to use.

Schmidt Kitchens is so committed to its franchisees’ success that it offers to finance up to 30% of the business set up to help ease financial pressures. It is currently looking to expand its UK presence, so this could be the ideal time to grasp this exciting opportunity.


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