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23/09/2018 16:00 | Business & B2B Services

Sandler Training franchisee Bill Bartlett has been sharing his take on what makes young sales professionals really stand out.

Bartlett, who runs Corporate Strategies, a franchised outlet of Sandler Training, told the story of a young sales professional he encountered who had been between jobs for 18 months and was beginning to lose hope. In his piece for the Daily Herald, Bartlett recounted how the young man had received a high salary in his previous position which was topped up by a small percent of commission and was struggling to find another company that would pay him so much.

So, Bartlett suggested something slightly radical: he told the young man to offer to work for 100% commission to prove himself to wary employers. Seeing that hed been unemployed for so long, Bartlett advised he had nothing to lose, but his advice didnt go down well, as he explains:

The look of horror on [the young mans] face was frightening as he blurted out, "No way! I'm a sales professional and I'm entitled to it for the effort I give each day." He went on to say that he was comfortable with the high base and the security that it gave him. He would rather continue to wait, no matter how long it takes, until he found a company who would pay him the base that he is used to receiving for his work.

Bartlett condemned the young mans attitude, stating that a successful sales person should always strive for more and never settle for comfort or security. The business coaching franchisee urges readers to always be on the hunt for new business, asking themselves questions such as would I hire myself performing the way I do? and encouraging them to eliminate mediocrity from their selling strategy.

Finally, Bartlett concludes the piece by offering some thought-provoking words of advice to lazy salespeople who are coasting instead of thriving in their positions.

To all the mediocre salespeople who are underperforming in your current position, I offer the following advice: When the sun comes up, you'd better be running as there may be an unemployed higher performer who is looking to take your place.

With more than 250 offices across 27 countries, Sandler Training is one of the worlds leading business coaching franchises, teaching business professionals how to strive for excellence instead of mediocrity.

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