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Runagood® (ie Run a Good Business) is a unique technology-driven service that uses proven business consultancy and coaching techniques to raise the performance and value of any business, anywhere, but quickly and affordably.

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Runagood spoke to prestigious magazine Forbes about how its services help businesses grow and improve for less than the price of a hot lunch.

Forbes is one of the leading publications in the world of business, leaderships and entrepreneurship, making the fact that Runagood was chosen to be featured in its pages high praise indeed. Founder and CEO Duncan Collins explained how so many businesses across the UK could benefit from Runagoods unique AI business consultancy service which costs as little as £5 per day.

In a phonecall with writer Trevor Clawson, Collins revealed how many small and medium businesses in the UK are simply getting by and are blocked from reaching their full potential by the extortionate cost of professional business consultancy. He explained how Runagoods unique AI system uses just 20 questions to compile a dashboard packed with advice on how to improve every aspect of a business.

Explaining how the consulting franchises innovative service works, Clawson explained:

What the A.I.-driven system does is to draw on a wealth of industry data and match it against the answers given by the business owner. For instance, one of the questions relates to the acquisition of new customers. The system uses the answer to provide an assessment of the companys ability to attract new business and this is also benchmarked against the top five comparable companies working in the sector.

Collins also revealed that Runagood can also come up with projections, encouraging business owners to take action by showing them how much value could be added to their company. He said that the software can be used by any kind of business owner, from ambitious entrepreneurs looking to grow their business into an empire to humble sole traders who want to make a decent living.

After slightly altering the direction of the business in 2018, Collins now pitches Runagoods software to savvy accountants looking to expand their offering and attract new clients. Its estimated that the service can cost just £5 per day for business owners to use and benefits both those providing the service and those utilising it.

The franchise is now looking for new business advisors across the country to help SMEs realise their true potential.

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