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Rooster Shack has reinvented the chicken shop: better food, better branding, better systems. For a quick payback of your investment.

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Chicken shop business Rooster Shack has won the Good Food Award for Takeaways

Rooster Shack is delighted to announce that it has won the Good Food Award for Takeaways for the second year in a row. The winners of this prestigious award are decided by a public vote, so it’s clear that it’s a hit with chicken lovers in the UK.

Rooster Shack has reinvented the chicken shop by serving up higher quality food and having better branding. You can buy its freshly made piri piri and house grilled chicken, wings, wraps, burgers and rice boxes from its stores.

The fast food franchise thrives by offering delivery services in residential areas and has a strong local marketing system that encourages customers to check it out both in store and online.

At the moment there are two Rooster Shack locations, one in Woking and the other in Aldershot. Its efficient and reliable delivery service during lockdown was much appreciated by its loyal customers in both areas.

Rooster Shack Aldershot consistently experiences weekly net sales that exceed the location’s annual rent. This means that the franchisee is enjoying a healthy return on their investment.

The franchise is dedicated to supporting its franchise network in every way that it can. This includes providing a comprehensive training programme and ongoing support. But what does this actually involve? Franchisees can benefit from the ongoing updating of the operations manual, the development and updating of branded promotional materials and regular visits for review and planning.

There isn’t enough room to list everything you can enjoy in return for your investment, but you can find out all you need to know on its client page.

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