Rooster Shack Expands Across Britain Through Home-Deliveries

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Rooster Shack has reinvented the chicken shop: better food, better branding, better systems. For a quick payback of your investment.

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rooster-shack-franchise-interiorWe reached out to the founders of Rooster Shack, asking them what the secrets are to their success during a post-pandemic, new normal. Here is what they said about their impressive brand expansion.

Imran and Abbas Mamud launched the fast food franchise with their dad in 2016. Since then, they have franchised their award-winning brand by opening in Hampshire and the Midlands, with five additional stores in the pipeline for 2023.

Rooster Shack offers a dine-in option branded as more modern than other chicken shops and quick-service brands but has capitalised on its home delivery model during the virus outbreak. The business adapted by focussing on takeaway options, promoting contactless delivery and offering an all-day delivery service. It also used third-party platforms to reach more people.

Discover more about Rooster Shack's adaptability. Read our interview with Imran Mamud:

Now, Imran and Abbas are keen to continue the marketing efforts of Rooster Shack, raking in profits and growth for its expanding franchise network.

We reached out to Abbas Mamud, and here is what he said.

We have a fantastic in-house marketing media team who specialise in the food sector." Abbas reflects, "The focus was to promote our food and service on social networks in order that a wider variety of customers would order from us via home delivery.

Abbas, now 21, is probably the youngest franchise director in fast food. But despite his age, a wealth of experience comes from Abbas' first-hand experience in the industry.

In fact, Abbas has helped launch Rooster Shack's Birmingham flagship shop by training the team, getting them ready to produce success, and setting a personalised plan for their growth over the next 12 months.

What is next for the franchise? We asked Abbas.

"We have clear goals for 2023, we are very selective with who we choose to partner with, and we are different to other brands, as we have strict criteria on who we allow representing our brand: this ensures success."

Abbas continues, "We plan to open two new stores this year with a future 5 in 2023!" Rooster Shack is even expanding its concept and winning model to other distribution channels: "We are also launching our famous condiments so that our customers can enjoy them at home. We make all our sauces and condiments in-house," as "customers wanted them in bottles so they can enjoy where ever they are, we are due to launch them soon."

If you want to be part of Rooster Shack's successful journey, you can get started with an investment of between £120,000 and £185,000, depending on the size and location of your chicken shack: third-party funding is available. Click the orange button below to learn more.


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