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18/02/2018 16:00 | Food

Riverford Organic Farmers are happy to share the 2018 Soil Association Organic Market Reportís good news for birds, bees and organic farmers.

The 2018 Soil Association Organic Market Report shows strong growth in the organic sector in the last six years and all the good it is reaping for the environment and for us all. The number of UK farmland that have gone organic has up surged by 22% since 2016 and sales of organic food is at an all-time high, with a growth of 6% against a mere 2% of non-organic sales. The report brings good news for Riverford Organic Farms and for the entire planet. Working with nature is at the very heart of organic farming where artificial pesticides and fertilisers are not in the realm of possibilities and maintaining wide field margins, mature hedgerows, reservoirs and healthy soil is. In working with nature, Riverford Organic Farms do not cut its hedgerows between March and August to allow for the local wildlife to breed peacefully.

The Soil Associationís new research shows that plant, insect and bird life is typically 50% more abundant on organic farms that home up to 30% more species than non-organic farms. Riverford Organic Farms uphold the Organic Certification highest standards of animal welfare. To qualify for an Organic Certification farms are required to rear its animals without drugs, antibiotics or wormers and they need to roam freely on open pasture and enjoy a rich and natural diet. Riverfords Organic Farms meet each requirement to a tee and takes pride in its meats that all come from small-scale known and trustworthy West Country farmers. Riverfords Organic Farmsí milk comes from Riverford Dairy owned by its founderís brother and sister who cater to customers in the South and from the Tweddle familyís Acord Dairy who provide fresh mild to customers in the North and East of the UK.

When Riverford Organic Farmsí founder, Guy first started growing vegetables in one of the fieldís in his familyís farm 30 years ago, he was using organic methods that were considered unconventional at the time. Not only has his methods reaped fruit in abundance, it is changing farming for the better and making our planet a healthier one for us all.

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