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Recognition Express’s South East Scotland branch is giving away antibacterial pens free of charge. 

The B2B franchise, which specialises in creating branded merchandise, has announced it’ll hand out five pens to any organisation with employees who can’t work remotely. The products help reduce the spread of all germs, including colds, stomach bugs and Covid-19, between those who use them. 

Recognition Express decided to launch the offer when the Scottish Government announced its roadmap out of lockdown restrictions. 

David Mitchell, Director of Recognition Express South East Scotland, explained, 

“Research has proved that the most common ways of transferring bacteria are through handling paper, touching computer mice and keyboards, phone handsets and sharing pens. Whilst it’s good news that we can now see a clear way out of the pandemic, we need to take every precaution to reduce sick days, keep people healthy and minimise local outbreaks.” 

David also gave a little bit of information about the pens, which continue to release an active antibacterial ingredient for the duration of their lifetime:

“Our supplier, Senator Pens, has had its products tested to ISO 21702:2019 standards and results show that after 12 hours of contact with the specially treated antibacterial surface on the pens, traces of the human coronavirus – HCoV-229E (common cold) – reduce by at least 93 percent.

“The pens also help protect against MRSA, E-coli and C-diff so I want to get them out there to do my bit to help reduce the risk of the virus.” 

He added,

“Of course, regular hand washing is the best way to minimise chances of picking up workplace bugs, but by swapping ordinary pens and mugs for ones with antibacterial properties, you can reduce transference of bacteria from person to person.”

The regional franchise unit has a limited number of pens to give away, and will be providing the free gifts on a first-come-first-serve basis.

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