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Radfield Home Care is continuing to have an incredible 2019 as it gets ready to welcome two more franchisees.

Radfield Home Care has announced that it will be welcoming two more franchisees into its family-oriented business in the coming weeks. Steve and Sandie Parker will run Radfield Home Care Chichester and Bognor Regis, while Tola and Kunbi Taiwo will be at the head of the Liverpool South territory for the home care franchise.

Both pairs are excited to begin their journey into the home care sector. Tola explained what drew him and his wife, Kunbi to the opportunity that Radfield was offering.

We have been looking at the home care sector for a long time and decided Radfield was the right opportunity for us because of their family values. Myself and Kunbi will be managing the business together, so these values are important to us and echo what we want to achieve.

Tola added that Kunbis previous successful career as a GP is bound to give the couple an advantage.

Were excited to combine her sector knowledge with my background as a business analyst to generate a high quality, efficient and successful home care business for our local community.

Steve and Sandie also came from a similar background, with Sandie a nurse and Steve working in the corporate world. However, following his redundancy, the pair wanted to find a new challenge. Steve said:

Sandie and I shared a vision of working together and combining my business experience with Sandys forty years working in healthcare as a nurse. This combination of skills, twinned with the UKs ageing population, meant a home care franchise was a natural choice for us.

He elaborated on what drew them to Radfield in particular.

We chose Radfield Home Care as it is already proven to be a successful business model with an excellent reputation. It is also family owned and they pride themselves on their core family values which are incorporated into their business. Home care is in increasing demand and we will feel proud to provide services in our area using the high-quality Radfield Home Care brand.

Both teams have completed their core training week and are now entering the final preparation stage before their businesses are open to the public. Radfield Home Care is still on the lookout for more franchisees and welcomes people from any background to join its rapidly growing business.

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