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Chris Wootton recently shared some advice with his domestic customers on decluttering and revitalising their homes this spring.

Poppies is ready to embrace spring - and the domestic cleaning franchise is also here to help its customers do the same. In the words of Poppies, “There has never been a better opportunity to get stuck into that much-needed clear-out and to revitalise your home environment. Whether you are short of time and can only give an hour to the task at hand, or you have given yourself the entire weekend, approaching the spring clean systematically will have a hugely positive impact on your home, and ultimately your own wellbeing.” Poppies then shared the following advice from Chris Wootton himself:

  • Approach the workload room by room - “One of the biggest mistakes when starting the spring clean is only looking at the bigger picture. But as with all tasks, you should break up the clean into [manageable chunks].” Try a top-down approach, starting upstairs.
  • Don’t forget to clean appliances - “We’ve all seen those uninviting statistics on common touch points such as TV remotes, door handles, light switches and other appliances being the dirtiest areas of a home.” What better time to make sure they’re truly clean?
  • Rearrange for a breath of fresh air (and easier cleaning in the future?) - “Rearranging a room [...] can almost be a long-term investment, which becomes easier to clean and gives a more welcoming, homely feel to the environment.”
  • Don’t overcomplicate, simplicity is key - “Overcomplicating the task at hand can often create additional work and stress. Using a high-quality multi-purpose cleaner and a reusable micro fibre cloth can often be the key to cleaning well.”
  • Bring backup - “The spring clean is never a one-person job.” Getting everyone involved “breaks up the load”, shows “the value of keeping your home at a certain standard” and  “streamlines the room-by-room, systematic approach to the clean”.

To find out more about this experienced cleaning franchise, head to its profile page on Point Franchise, which you’ll discover linked above. 

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