Point Franchise Welcomes Mindspan Franchise!

Mindspan franchise
Mindspan Improve your thinking, improve your life!

Mindspan is a Training and Coaching company that has been at the forefront of mindset, attitude and psychological development training for over two decades. We help organisations enhance their performance by demonstrating the fundamental link between psychology and success. We’ve helped over 100k individuals, 400+ organisations and worked across 14 countries.

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With two decades behind them, Mindspan uses insights from psychology to locate the peak performance of individuals, businesses, and institutions, becoming a globally recognisable brand within Coaching & Training.

Now Point Franchise is proud to welcome them onto the platform with Mindspan about to expand across the UK.

Performance unlocked from research-backed psychology

Mindspan was founded in the early 2000s by the daughter-Dad duo, Em and Gavin Drake, with the mission of using groundbreaking psychological insights to increase the performance, mindset, and attitude of people around the world. And a worldly affair it became, with over 100,000 individuals taught in over 400 organisations across 14 countries! Some of which are multinational enterprises such as Coca-Cola, and national institutions like the University of Birmingham.

One of the positive side effects of the pandemic is that businesses have a renewed realisation of their responsibility to their employees, their family, and the larger community. A realisation that is known as a company's ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governmental), and has increased the growth of Coaching & Training in the UK. It is, for example, seen that executive and employee coaching results in increased performance and effective communication skills, seeing a 788 per cent return on investment for executive coaching! [The Insititute of Coaching and GVA Success]

Giving you the flexibility of choice

Mindspan is now seeking to expand its franchise network across Britain, offering unique opportunities for both part-time and full-time. If you decide to join the global Mindspan family, you will enjoy the success coaching and training model of the Mindspan Triad, combining three psychological schools and nine mental models to help people succeed.


In fact, Mindspan also offers you to focus on the customers you want. This includes:

  • Businesses big and small; local or international,
  • individuals who seek to improve their careers, and
  • educational institutions using research-backed practices for maximum effect.

This is further segmented into three categories fitting your unique set of requirements and skills. For example, with Mindspan Coach you can train part-time or full-time, helping individuals excel in their life. Or if you take businesses to the next level in performance, Mindspan Trainer is for you. And once you have succeeded, Mindspan will offer you to become a Mindspan Master, helping Mindspan franchises throughout the world.

Once you become part of the Mindspan family, you will enjoy:

  • A supportive network of franchises, ensuring your success
  • Monthly events where you continue to discover new coaching techniques and trends
  • Exclusive psychometric tools, enabling you to find how you can help your clients succeed in their performance
  • Powerful content marketing and brand recognition, establishing you as a thought leader within Coaching & Training
  • A cost-effective business model with tiny overheads, increasing your profit margin

So if you have individual and business training experience or are interested in life coaching, Mindspan is for you for only an £1,495 incl. VAT investment. Click the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION" button and talk opportunities with Mindspan today.

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