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Love Accountancy franchise
Love Accountancy Your Accounts, Made Easy

A modern paperless, virtual cloud based accountancy solution that SMEs love!

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love-accountancy-franchise-digitalIf you, like Love Accountancy, realise the inefficiencies with the traditional, physical accounting method, Love Accountancy is for you! With an affordable start-up investment and fully remote managing opportunity, you can be part of the future of accounting and bookkeeping.

In with the new, out with the old

Set out to transform accountancy for small and medium businesses, Love Accountancy began in 2013 by the whelm of Mark Nesbitt, accountant for more than 20 years. He saw the inefficiencies of traditional accounting and that it didn't follow the modern changes we see today. As a result, Love Accountancy sprang forth!


As of 2021, Codat found that over three million SMEs still are not using accounting software! A profound figure that has grown in demand since the pandemic opened businesses' eyes to remote and fully digital accounting services. Not only that, Capterra discovered, after interviewing over 400 SMEs and self-employed individuals, that they saw traditional accounting and bookkeeping as inefficient. In other words, the demand is there for a successful Love Accountancy franchise!

No stacks of filing cabinets are needed!

At its core, Love Accountancy delivers bookkeeping, annual accounts, tax advice and a full range of other financial services, including payroll management. But what sets Love Accountancy apart is its fixed pricing structure. In essence, SMEs know exactly what to expect and pay with a Love Accountancy. Additionally, the novelty of Love Accountancy is also its fully remote model that franchisees and accountants will connect with. This is achieved with a virtual and paperless ecosystem and work model, enabling to find the best accountants based anywhere in Britain.  No stacks of filing cabinets are needed here!

Love Accountancy is now looking for future franchise owners that sport either a financial background or are just financially savvy. But above all, a franchisee who understands the inefficiencies and stacks of paper in traditional accounting. With Love Accountancy, you connect with the future of bookkeeping and accountancy while you get access to forward-thinking digital marketing and branding strategies!

If you nod to this article and want to discover more, you only need £15,000 in total investment and the same in franchise fees; there are even options for third-party funding. Then after just two years, expect to see four times your start-up investment in revenue: £150,000!

Click the orange "REQUEST INFORMATION" at the top of this article to get in touch with Love Accountancy and begin transforming accounting in Britain.

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