Point Franchise Welcomes Green Motion

Green Motion Car and Van Rental franchise
Green Motion Car and Van Rental Join The Future of Mobility

Green Motion are a car and van rental franchise, working within both B2B and B2C industries. Franchisees will run and manage their very own vehicle rental operation.

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Eco-friendly vehicle rental company Green Motion Car and Van Hire has joined the Point Franchise network.

Green Motion Car and Van Hire is bringing vehicle rental into the 21st Century. Its worldwide fleet of cars and vans are transporting people to different destinations across the globe - and saving the planet in the process. All of Green Motions vehicles are powered by eco-friendly energy, only consuming 3.1 litres of fuel per 100km on average.

But renting a vehicle with Green Motion isnt only about looking after our planet. Its also about looking after your wallet. A Green Motion vehicle only consumes 3.1. litres of fuel per 100km on average, so youll be saving money at the petrol pump. That means that your budget can be used for the more important things when youre on holiday.

Green Motion started back in 2005. Thats when it was founded by Richard Lowden, and its operations were limited to British shores. Now, Green Motion is operating on a global-scale and its vehicles can be rented in over 35 different countries, including the US, Canada and Australia. This is a franchise-network that Green Motion wants to expand even further.

Whether you want to open a car leasing franchise in the UK or in a country further afield, Green Motion has opportunities for you. The company is looking to partner with individuals who have either experience in localised rental markets or high-level vehicle rental experience. In return for your managerial experience and motivational attitude, you will be rewarded by being a part of an award-winning franchise group that is pushing the boundaries of the car-rental market.

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