Point Franchise Welcomes Antal International Franchise!

Antal International franchise
Antal International 5 Continents, 1 Vision - Discovering Talent

Antal International is an International Recruitment business with a network which spans across 35 counties. There are 800 professional recruiters representing the Antal brand making placements globally. Antal International is unique in our market positioning as we focus on the recruitment in core functions and business disciplines. This allows us to service clients across a wide spectrum of industries, we are not limited in our scope. Many of our recruiters have extensive commercial expertise and apply these to the recruitment and selection process for the benefit of our clients.

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Anatal International franchise values

With 30 years in business recruiting and over 15 years of franchising, Antal International is opening its doors to new British franchises following its soaring international success.

Point Franchise welcomes Antal International!

Celebrating the 30th anniversary

Antal International was founded in 1993, celebrating its 30 years in business since February 2023. But it was in 2005 the decision to launch a franchise model began, and since then, Antal International has only gone up. Today, Antal International can proudly say that 130 franchisees are under its umbrella, locating needed talents for businesses around the globe, and is now actively looking for motivated franchisees in the UK.

The recruitment sector in the UK is still going strong. In fact, the recruitment industry and recruitment placement agencies combined grew to £20.55 billion market cap. [Startups London] Likewise, exciting changes are keeping recruitment on its toes from a new world of work after the pandemic.

A glocal strategy

Antal International is managed by the principle of 'glocal'. That is a global presence and resources with local sensibilities and presence. This mix between global and local has proven immensely successful as the frontend recruiters can connect personally with local talent while having a vast pool of resources to be tapped from around the globe. But this glocal engine also drives the other key success factor for Antal International: knowledge. Because Antal has a finger on the pulse on recruitment trends from its operations in multiple countries, responding to changes with agility based on our mission statement: "Sharing information, knowledge and experience for the benefit of clients, candidates and colleagues."

Potential revenue of £250,000

As recruitment can be done from home and with your own electronics, minimal investment is required besides your valuable time and motivation to succeed. However, to ensure you are ready for the recruitment world of Antal International, the training program will cost £45,000 in franchise fees, with an ongoing 12% royalty fee to gain access to the proven brand and methodologies of Antal International. Then after just two years of recruiting you can expect a consistent revenue of £250,000! 

New Antal International franchisees receive

  • Exclusive access to Antal International's established recruitment model
  • A four-day training and onboarding program that ensures you are ready for recruitment success
  • Ongoing support and operational advice from our seasoned recruiters, industry thought leaders and experts

Antal International, foremost looks for people who have extensive commercial experience and proven skills in nurturing customer relationships. Likewise, Antal International sees its franchise networks as partners all on a path to shared success. This means motivation and dedication to time and learning are essential. If these traits sound like you, Antal International is eager to hear from you!

So get in touch with Antal International by clicking the contact button below to fill in the form and just like that, you have started your path to becoming a business and franchise owner.


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