Phenomenal launch caps lifelong dream for Pam

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Laser Clinics

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Empty-nester, Pam Smith, has fulfilled a lifelong dream by opening a Laser Clinics in Brighton – despite having no background in aesthetics. Pam's opening sales of more than £100,000, ranking among the highest in the network!

“It was a phenomenal first month,” says Pam, former brand manager for a big supermarket chain, before taking a career break to raise her young children. “It was fantastic - and quite a shock.” 

Opening her clinic in a 50-50 partnership with Laser Clinics UK gave her an immediate advantage in the marketplace, drawing on the vast experience of a global franchise network and the training and support that comes with it.

“When I brought up my children there was no manual, but with Laser Clinics, there is,” says Pam. “The procedures and protocols are so important when you’re new to aesthetics.  

“I was really nervous, but Laser Clinics has a really great training system and eased me into things with a different topic every single day before launch. 

“It’s fantastic, it really is. I do pinch myself at times and think wow, what a wonderful opportunity.”


Realising a dream 

As a little girl, Pam was passionate about fashion and beauty but never quite fulfilled her dream, being sidetracked instead into a highly successful career in marketing.

But when her children left home, she had a chance to take stock of her life, realising she wanted more.  

“I needed something that would capture what I’m about,” she says, “and when I discovered Laser Clinics, I felt such warmth.  

“I researched deeply into it and knew it was something I could do. I’m a people person and love empowering other people, watching them grow.  

“We have something really special here. It feels like a family and it’s so comforting. There are many challenges and it’s really hard work, but you’re learning new skills and you feel you’re achieving something.”


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Those early challenges included recruitment, with a small labour pool and so many employers vying for the same people. But rather than doing things the traditional way, Pam looked at beauticians who work locally.  

“People don’t want to wax and shave anymore, so those beauticians could soon be out of work,” she says. 

“We have very few competitors here and being in Churchill Square has given us great footfall and exposure as well as accessibility for our customers. 

“All of our clients know me, and I love to make them feel at home. They keep coming back to us and tell their family and friends, which has really helped with sales. 

Eighty per cent of our business is laser hair removal, and we’re passionate about skin treatments, too.  

“Aesthetics is an emotional journey for me, our clients and our therapists, and we educate customers about the importance of looking after themselves. 

The Head Office team are very, very supportive, and I even had a commendation from our CEO for that first month’s sales.  

“You can get them on the phone or send pix of a client to them for medical advice. They hold your hand every step of the way and genuinely help you.  

Every day is a learning curve for me, but every day I’m growing. I know I’m not on my own.  

“I want to become a great clinic owner and a leader. This is my time. And if you’re really passionate and dedicated, there’s so much you can achieve with Laser Clinics.”


The roaring success of Laser Clinics, combined with their global reach, providing unprecedented support to new franchisees, is why Point Franchise has ranked Laser Clinic as one of the four best beauty salon franchise opportunities in the UK.

Contact one of our experts through our Laser Clinics franchise profile page to find out more about this advantageous franchise opportunity!


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