PART TWO: Merry Maids shares its “12 Cleans of Christmas”

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The cleaning franchise recently shared the first six of 12 cleaning tricks to help customers get ahead before Christmas, allowing them to totally relax when the big day actually arrives.

In the words of Merry Maids, “Twelve things around the house that you probably aren’t cleaning regularly, but you should be. Following part one of our 12 Cleans of Christmas last week, we’re bringing you the final six items to be cleaning regularly this Christmas and New Year.” You’ll find the cleaning franchise’s second six items below:

  1. Sink p traps - Merry Maids said, “A p trap is that curved portion of pipe that sits beneath the drain of your kitchen or bathroom sink”. Clear some space, grab a wrench and a bucket - then loosen bolts connecting the trap. Once it’s removed, “flush and/or clean out the trap with some water, a brush or wire”.

  2. Bathroom fans and shower holders - Remove the vent cover to expose the fan and clean the cover by filling the sink with “warm, soapy water”, letting it soak and then giving it a “good scrubbing down”, letting it air dry. Clean the vent itself (disconnected from the mains) by vacuuming or dusting and then wiping down “with warm soapy water or anti-bacterial wipes”. For shower holders, you should “soak them in water and 1½ cups of vinegar for 20 minutes”, scrub and rinse.

  3. Lampshades, lightbulbs and lightswitches - “For fabric lampshades, you can easily clean them with a duster or brush attachment on your vacuum”. Just make sure that the lights are off! For glass lampshades? Pop them in the dishwasher. For lightbulbs, “Just give them a wipe down with a cloth when they’re switched off.” Finally, try to get into the habit of disinfecting light switches regularly - “You can easily do this by giving them a quick wipe down with some anti-bacterial wipes.”

  4. Pillows, duvets and mattresses - Evidently, you can’t “machine wash a mattress - but it is still worth giving it a hoover and spot-cleaning it with stain remover regularly to rid it of any bed bugs, dust, and grime”. Bring out the baking soda again if you want to “absorb and break down odours and moisture”, leaving a light sprinkling overnight and then hoovering it up again.

  5. TV remotes - Merry Maids shared that “rubbing alcohol can sanitise your remote quickly and easily”. They suggested: “Pour a bit on a paper towel, or use an antibacterial wipe, and scrub every inch of the remote to ensure it is thoroughly disinfected.”

  6. Houseplants - “You might not think it, but houseplants need cleaning too. A surprising amount of dust can settle and accumulate on the leaves of houseplants – real or fake. You can also place smaller ones in the sink before watering and give the leaves a rinse to get rid of pests. Then let them drip-dry.”


To find out more about a potential franchise investment with this expert cleaning franchise, visit Merry Maids’ profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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