Part Two: Camile Thai’s Founder Chats with The Irish Times

Camile Thai Kitchen franchise
Camile Thai Kitchen Good Mood Thai food

Camile Thai Kitchen is a healthy and sustainable restaurant brand operating in the home delivery category, in the ever-expanding delivery industry in the UK.

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In a recent interview with The Irish Times, Brody Sweeney discussed expanding the brand, US cloud kitchens, targeting the UK market and more.

Brody founded Camile Thai back in 2010, and over the last 11 years, the restaurant franchise has grown substantially. It’s now a 35-outlet-strong franchise, which Brody sat down with The Irish Times to talk about. The interview was full of fascinating insights, and this article is the second of three sharing those. Today, you’ll learn about robotic cooking equipment and the business’s rollout of smaller takeaway outlets.

According to Brody, Camile Thai is working to develop automated/robotic wok cooking equipment, with the intention of cutting down on kitchen labour and saving money. Brody explained, “We don’t want to get left behind, which is why we play in these spaces. Other things in our punt category include our investments in robotics and drone delivery. We’re an innovative business. We like to try things.”

On the subject of trying new things, Brody also mentioned the franchise’s tireless work rolling out smaller takeaway outlets in unconventional locations like motorway service stations and Tesco car parks. He said that Camile Thai had made many “relationships that could explode into something interesting”, and that his past had taught him the value of always being able to dive headfirst into something new.

If you’d like to invest with this proudly experimentative and rapidly growing Thai food franchise, you can become a Camile Thai franchisee for a minimum initial investment of £100,000, with franchise fees of £20,000 and advertising and royalty fees both charged at a rate of 5%. Check in soon for the final installment of Brody’s interview with The Irish Times, or find out more about investing with Camile Thai via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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