PART TWO: ActionCOACH Chairman and Founder interviews franchisee

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ActionCOACH ActionCOACH is the world’s #1 business coaching franchise

Buying a franchise is a great way to reduce risk in business ownership as you will be buying proven systems and a support network to help you succeed. If you are the type of person who gets a buzz from helping others succeed, loves learning and developing yourself and have enjoyed success in your career or sport, this is the fastest route to freedom and fulfilment that any franchise partner can enjoy.

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Brad Sugars recently sat down with Kevin Weir, a franchisee with ActionCOACH, to chat about his journey with the network so far.

ActionCOACH is the world’s number one business coaching franchise, and for a very good reason. Not only does it offer exemplary services, but excellent support to its franchisees, too. Brad and Kevin spoke recently about Kevin’s franchising experiences, and this is the second of two articles recounting this insight-filled conversation. In this article, you’ll learn about Kevin’s success thus far, and about the unique value of ActionCOACH’s group coaching programme.

Kevin already has plenty to say to potential clients doubting his ability to produce results. In his words, “My current client, he virtually doubled the business in the past 10 months, [going] from zero profits to 10,000 a month.” He doesn’t do this by over-working himself or his staff - it’s all about the quality of the coaching, and about enabling everyone on all sides to “live the life they’ve always wanted to live”.

Kevin then chatted with Brad about the three different ActionCOACH group options, which are a great alternative for clients that can’t afford/don’t want to pay extra for one-to-one coaching. The options are MentorCLUB, GrowthCLUB and StarterCLUB, and according to Kevin, there are many community benefits to group coaching.

He said, “When you get clients into say, a GrowthCLUB, where they know each other, they consistently come, they have the same value systems that they’re working with me; there’s a deep level of trust that happens.” Everyone benefits, and trade-offs between companies can occur as “people develop a level of trust in a common environment where they all want to excel, they all want to change, they all want to grow”. Kevin feels that “that level of community seals the deal with so many of these clients”, who go on to work together.

Kevin has great plans for his future, including a 2032 vision for his business, and as a final note in his conversation with Brad, he expressed just how much ActionCOACH and the ActionCOACH network has helped him to “develop”. He said, “Do you think I could have gotten or been successful for this long doing what I love by myself? No!” To find out more about starting your own journey with ActionCOACH, visit the franchise’s profile page, linked above.

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