PART THREE: Camile Thai’s founder chats with The Irish Times

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Camile Thai Kitchen is a healthy and sustainable restaurant brand operating in the home delivery category, in the ever-expanding delivery industry in the UK.

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In a recent interview with The Irish Times, Brody Sweeney discussed expanding the brand, US cloud kitchens, targeting the UK market and more.

Brody Sweeney has been running Camile Thai since 2010, and the restaurant franchise has enjoyed a very successful 11 years, expanding to become over 30 outlets strong presently. Brody recently sat down with The Irish Times to chat about Camile Thai, and this article is the third of three sharing insights revealed in that interview. Today, you’ll learn why Brody believes the Thai chain has enjoyed so much success, even during the era of COVID-19.

In Brody’s words, “[Camile Thai was] in home delivery before the pandemic started. We were almost 100 percent in residential suburbs, with virtually nothing in town centres. We were always interested more in chimney pots than streets. When I went bust with O’Brien’s, I could just as easily have set something up like cafes in shopping centres or town centre joints. I didn’t. That looks like brilliance now, but it was just luck.”

Brody is up to plenty more than Camile Thai at this stage in his life, but he remains extremely proud of all he’s currently accomplishing with the Thai food franchise. He runs the network alongside making time for other exciting things, like joining a crew of eight to sail a vessel across the Atlantic. Of this, he said, “It’s my 60th birthday present to myself. I’ve been looking forward to it all year. It is a bucket list item.”


Bringing the interview to a close, Brody said, “I work with amazing people. And I’m doing something to feel good about. I was almost wiped out 10 years ago, so I’m proud of what we have now. We all have highs and lows. That’s life. It’s abnormal not to have that. But I’m lucky to live in a positive world.” If you’d like to join Brody’s positive world, you can find out more about a potential franchise investment with Camile Thai via the franchise’s profile page, linked above.

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