Papa Johnís opens milestone 50th restaurant in Turkey

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Papa John's is an international pizza franchise with over 5,000 stores worldwide in more than 40 markets.

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Papa Johnís has opened its 50th restaurant in Turkey, continuing its growth in the Middle East.

Opening its 50th restaurant in Turkey, Papa Johnís is rolling on with its plans for international expansion. Through its main Turkish franchisee PJ Gida, the new opening is another step towards Papa Johnís main goals of continued expansion on an international scale and putting more focus on franchising.

Papa John's has also agreed to developments in numerous regions including Mexico, Chile, the Netherlands, Egypt, Russia, Spain, Colombia and Boston. The company opened its first restaurants in France and Israel in 2016 and made its debut in Morocco in 2017. Meanwhile, the company also has ambitious plans to establish itself in the Bahamas, hoping to open five units by 2021.

As its presence in the Middle East grows, Papa Johnís strong sales trends in the area as well as markets like Europe, Latin America and China indicate a good year ahead for the company. After a challenging few years in the US market, positive international growth of an estimated 3-5% for 2018 will provide a welcome boost for Papa Johnís.

Its commitment to developing and maintaining a strong franchise system means that Papa Johnís has spent a lot of time seeking solutions to issues that limit opportunity for international expansion. Itís also constantly looking to find new market opportunities for franchisees, with all but 35 of Papa Johnís international restaurants currently franchised.

Established in 1984, with over 4,700 restaurants, Papa Johnís has brought its commitment to making better pizza to the international market and strives to expand further with franchisees who share its vision. Its promise of Ďbetter pizza, better ingredientsí isnít one itís willing to compromise on.

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