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Papa John's is an international pizza franchise with over 5,000 stores worldwide in more than 40 markets.

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Papa John's, one of the largest pizza franchises in the world, trots out its new customer satisfaction programme.

Founded in 1999, Papa Johnís is one of the largest pizza delivery franchise companies in the world with over 350 sites across the UK and over 5,000 in more 40 international markets. To continue to best serve and stay on the top, the international pizza brand has launched Papa Talk, a new customer satisfaction programme that invites customers to rate the Companyís service either by email or with a sticker on top of their pizza boxes. Papa Talk is designed to provide new and improved customer service, drive orders and help increase profits and boost sales. Papa Johnís QFP, sales and business development manager, Phil Gaffer, said:

ďThe survey is quick and simple and customers are incentivised to rate various aspects of their purchase from one to five. There is also the chance to leave comments about anything they particularly liked or disliked about their experience. From a store franchise ownerís point of view this feedback is invaluable. Franchisees can monitor reviews live and on-the-go through an App to ensure everything is on track, but it also means if anything has gone wrong, it can be fixed straight-away.

ďAs Papa Johnís continues to grow, our whole focus is on being better,Ē continued Gaffer. ďAs franchisors, we support franchisees to provide a superior product, better customer service and achieve this by developing and implementing a better overall franchising experience. Papa Johnís investment in Papa Talk represents a further example of our commitment to re-invest into the brand. For our franchisees, Papa Talk holds the key to ensuring customers keep coming back for more and place orders more frequently, which will in-turn help increase profits and drive sales.Ē

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