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Papa John's is an international pizza franchise with over 5,000 stores worldwide in more than 40 markets.

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Papa Johnís is celebrating the opening of its newest store near Milton Keynes.

Papa Johnís continues its unrelenting UK expansion, as itís newest location in Wolverton, Milton Keynes, is set to open soon. Run by veteran franchisee Tony Singh, who operates many stores across the Milton Keynes area, the new location of the pizza franchise has already recruited 15 dedicated staff members and is gearing up to deliver tasty treats to the people of Wolverton.

Milton Keynes is home to Papa Johnís fresh pizza dough factory, which supplies more than 400 franchised units with dough across the UK every single day. Itís also the home of Papa Johnís UK and European Campus, where many of the brandís operations are run from.

Tony Singh shared the story of how he began his franchising journey.

ďI joined Papa Johnís as a franchisee in 2002 and, with the help of my managers, currently run 12 Papa Johnís stores in London and around Milton Keynes, with plans to open two more next year. The new Wolverton store is a great location for us as we can now respond to demand more easily to the North of Milton Keynes.Ē

Singh said that he worked as a delivery driver for a rival pizza company prior to becoming a Papa Johnís franchisee, which taught him everything he needed to know about the industry from the bottom up. He said that he was impressed with how much support he was given once he began his franchising journey.

ďOnce I joined Papa Johnís as a franchisee, I was really impressed with the help and advice I received. The staff were always there to support me, visiting me regularly to make sure I was happy, and dropping in at short notice if necessary. My calls and questions would always be answered quickly and I was always welcome at head office if I wanted to meet the management team. I received a lot of help with learning about the area around my store, plus the people in it.Ē

He added that despite his position as an experienced, multi-store franchisee, he still gets plenty of support from his franchisor when opening new stores.

ďThis backing from Papa Johnís is really useful when starting a new store. Over the years itís true to say itís been hard work but worth it to build the portfolio of stores I now have.Ē

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