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A Papa Johnís franchisee is celebrating the expansion of his network with the addition of seven further locations.

Papa Johnís franchisee Sukhbir Gill and business partner Lakhwinder Singh (Lucky) have announced that theyíve completed the successful acquisition of five stores in the Liverpool region. The ambitious pair will also be opening up two new stores in the city.

Gill explained what the pairís plan is for their future.

ďOur plan is to build a cluster of Papa Johnís. From an operational point of view this makes complete sense. It will help focus our local marketing campaigns, plus it means staff recruitment and training is more straight forward too. Existing staff have already recommended the new roles we have available to friends and relatives and we can train up new recruits in our busy stores. For staff there will be also more opportunity for promotion locally, as we now have six stores all within 30 minutes of each other. This is motivating for our people and we know happy staff make the best pizza and that means very happy customers!Ē

Gill revealed that the new stores himself and Singh are opening will feature the pizza franchiseís brand-new in-store look.

ďThe new format is tailored to each location using modern colours, key words and refreshed branding to make customers feel right at home while ordering and collecting their pizza. The existing stores we have taken over will also undergo a complete refresh soon and we anticipate this will Ďcook upí a lot of interest locally and attract some new customers hungry to try our top-quality pizza.Ē

He concluded by thanking his franchisor for the incredible development opportunities it offers that have made his expansion dreams a reality.

ďWe have been fortunate to be able to take advantage of Papa Johnís special incentive scheme for new stores opening up, which provides deals on equipment, help with marketing and reduced royalty fees. We anticipate this support will help us Ďtaste successí quickly and we can also look at opening more stores locally in the near future too!Ē

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