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Papa Johnís will continue its successful fun-run sponsorship to continue raising money for fantastic causes.

Papa Johnís has shown that once again itís a pizza franchise with a heart, as it will be extending its charity fun-run sponsorship with MCC Promotions. The company has organised successful fun-runs across the country since 2006 and now attracts around 8,000 participants to its events every single year. Thatís a lot of money raised for charity.

Papa Johnís franchisees will sponsor around 18 local fun-runs over the course of the year, in major cities including London, Exeter, Northampton and Sheffield. Business development manager, Paul Rayment, explained why the fun-run sponsorship was something the franchise wanted to continue.

ďWe trialled the fun run sponsorship with a couple of franchisees last year, handing out trophies, medals and T shirts to those taking part. It created a fabulous Ďfeel good factorí with people of all ages and from all walks of life participating. Now many more of our franchisees recognise this is a win-win situation and have decided to join in to strengthen links with their local communities and to celebrate those with the speediest delivery!Ē

Race director at MCC Promotions, Mark Caswell, added:

ďPapa Johnís has always been strides ahead when it comes to the best pizza delivery in town and so we are delighted that so many franchisees representing such a quality brand have sponsored individual fun runs in their regions. We look forward to developing further promotional opportunities together in the future.Ē

Finally, ambitious franchisee Mo Abid, who already manages an incredible 15 Papa Johnís stores across the country, explained why the fun-runs mean so much to him personally.

ďI have been involved with the Run Series for a couple of years now and itís great to be able to give something back to the local communities who support our Papa Johnís stores, plus help raise funds for various charities at the same time. I plan to open a further ten Papa Johnís stores in the future and I will certainly be supporting the Run Series at events near my new stores. Itís a great day out for all the family and I love presenting the prizes to the runners once they cross the finish line.Ē


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