Ovenclean shares January kitchen cleaning checklist

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In a recent blog on the Ovenclean website, the specialist cleaning franchise offered its readers and customers a checklist for getting the kitchen spick and span this Jan.

Ovenclean is all about making things sparkly, shining and spotless, and the oven cleaning franchise explained to its readers in this blog post that the new year is the perfect time for a fresh start, inviting them to brush away the mince pie crumbs and deep clean the kitchen. In the words of Ovenclean, “We have put together some quick and easy tips for cleaning those put-off kitchen chores. Then, by the end of the month, your kitchen should be clean, hygienic and mess-free.” The 14 tips were as follows:

  • Plan your January clean in advance, listing all the areas you’d like to tackle
  • Deep clean the oven, ridding it of Christmas grease and grime
  • Disinfect the bins 
  • Steam clean the microwave 
  • Declutter the kitchen cupboards and drawers 
  • Wipe the skirting boards (which quickly gather dirt/grease in a kitchen environment)
  • Clean the windows and the window sills 
  • Clean out the fridge and jettison any out-of-date leftovers
  • Clean the washing machine 
  •  Deep clean the carpets and floors 
  •  Dust the light fittings (which are often forgotten in a kitchen environment)
  •  Clean the radiators 
  •  Freshen the grout 
  •  Remove limescale from the taps using a white vinegar and lemon solution


Ovenclean added, “January is also a good time to sanitise all hard surfaces in the kitchen and home, to avoid the spread of the winter cold and flu germs. So, with all these January kitchen cleaning tips you are ready to kick start the year with a sparkling clean and germ-free kitchen.” Find out more about this informed, customer-focused oven cleaning franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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