Ovenclean offers customers a crash course in oven efficiency

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Ovenclean, part of Franchise Brands plc, is the UK's original oven cleaning specialist with a large network of established franchisees and the only oven cleaning brand currently advertising on TV. With Ovenclean, you can be assured of the highest standard of training and ongoing business support, backed by a team with a long and successful history in franchise development.

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The specialist cleaning franchise that does what it says on the tin recently took the time to provide customers with four ways to keep their ovens running as efficiently as possible.

Nobody wants to replace their oven more quickly than is necessary, and Ovenclean understands this. That’s why the oven cleaning franchise is helping its customers up and down the UK to add years to the lifespan of their ovens with four simple tips. Tip one: Avoid using foil in the cavity. Although it might seem like a good idea, and enable you to “catch the grease and grime”, it also “reflects heat” and will “disrupt the heat around the oven” and “obstruct the fan”. Customers should instead opt for buying an oven liner.

Tip two: Look for cracked door seals and get them sorted ASAP. In the words of Ovenclean, “Broken, cracked or torn seals will let all of the heat escape from your oven and, therefore, your oven will have to work twice as hard.” Tip three: Don’t fall for self-cleaning ovens. The self-cleaning process advertised as a feature in a lot of new ovens can actually cause damage, as it will “heat up the oven to an extremely hot temperature in order to burn off the cooked food embedded inside”. This process is likely to cause “great strain on the heating elements”, and could result in internal components melting, or the production of a “foul burning odour”.

The fourth and final tip, and the moment at which Ovenclean can leap into action on behalf of its customers: Clean the oven regularly. Ovenclean recommends a thorough clean once a month, avoiding harsh toxic products and opting instead for “hot water mixed with baking soda” and “a good scrub”. Plus, the franchise suggests, “Getting a professional oven cleaned once every 6 months will also help dramatically when keeping on top of this job.” Find out more about franchising with Ovenclean via the company’s profile page, linked above.

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