Ovenclean gives customers an info-packed lesson on microwave safety

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The specialist cleaning franchise recently shared a blog post on its website explaining the ins and outs of this popular and convenient cooking appliance.

Ovenclean is the UK’s original oven cleaning franchise, and in the year since the company was founded, its wide network of employees has developed a huge amount of kitchen appliance expertise. In this blog, Ovenclean sought to answer two key questions on behalf of curious customers: Are radiation waves safe, and is superheating safe?

Tackling the first question first, Ovenclean said, “Microwaves use high-frequency radio waves which make the molecules in food move super quickly.” This fast movement creates heat, and radiation is produced when the “waves pass through materials such as plastic, glass and paper”. This radiation doesn’t mean that microwaved food is radioactive, though. It’s known as “non-ionizing radiation”, and it’s far safer than the type of “ionizing radiation” used in things like X-rays.

Then, on the topic of superheating, Ovenclean explained that this occurs when liquid is heated higher than its boiling point, cannot release steam and “becomes very dangerous and unstable” as a result. Then, “As soon as the liquid is disturbed, either by adding something or stirring it, the steam is instantly released. The steam being released at this time can cause a big eruption of the liquid. This eruption and explosion of the liquid is extremely hot and can cause severe burns.” AKA: No, superheating isn’t safe.

Luckily, superheating is “far more of a concern than anything else when it comes to microwave dangers”, and can be avoided if customers “ensure [they] stop the microwave regularly to stir the liquid”, releasing steam “steadily and safely”. They should also always choose to heat up water in the kettle, not the microwave. Find out more about Ovenclean and a potential investment with the well-informed, customer-focused franchise via its profile page, which you’ll discover linked above.

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