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25/05/2018 17:30 | Pet

OSCAR Pet Foods franchisee Brian Hulme is celebrating his 15th year with the company.

May 19 2018 was a special day for Brian Hulme. The date marked his 15th year as an OSCAR Pet Foods franchisee, but also signified another important point in his life. OSCAR renewed my enthusiasm in working for myself from the start, Hulme said.

Mr Hulmes previous attempt at self-employment had ended negatively, knocking his faith in the practice significantly. Finding OSCAR inspired him to dust himself off and have another crack at being self-employed, mainly due to its clear and honest approach to the procedures of setting up and running your own business.

They promised and delivered and have never stopped! He said.

Mr Hulme was not really working on his own though. Molly, his faithful pet Labrador was a regular companion as well as great early advertiser for the business. She helped bring in new customers and gave Mr Hulme a greater sense of purpose, all of which fed into the strength of the business:

My relationship with customers brings repeat business and recommendations which are always rewarded with a box of treats it has worked wonders for me.

OSCAR has been in regular contact throughout the 15 years with Mr Hulme to make sure that he was aware of any changes and to make sure that he felt supported in trying to reach his targets. Being his own boss, he says, allows him to mould his working practices to suit both himself and his customers. Being a franchisee also means that he has an effective support network to make sure his business a success.

There is always someone to talk to, he says, from Head Office to fellow franchisees and of course my customers, who are always on the receiving end of everything good for their pets.

The last 15 years have seen their fair share of challenges, but Mr Hulme feels that the experience has given him a lot. He has become an expert of all things pet-related and gained an official COAPE recognised qualification.

The anniversary provides an opportunity to look forward. Even though Molly is no longer at his side, Mr Hulme and his new companion, Maisie, are ready for the next 15 years:

I do enjoy my business. I have built my life around my work I have fun exhibiting at shows and fetes and I love meeting new people knowing I have the backing and support from a very professional organisation working for myself.

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