OSCAR franchisees celebrate fifth birthday

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OSCAR goes out of their way for the convenience of their customers, providing convenient and free direct-to-the-door delivery service of quality pet foods and accessories.

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OSCAR has been sharing the story of two of its most dedicated franchisees to inspire people to turn their passion for pets into a business.

OSCAR franchisees Nigel and Berni Woodall have been recalling their experience of their franchising journey as they celebrate their fifth anniversary with the pet franchise.

Berni says that starting their very own OSCAR franchise was a great decision that has changed the couples lives for the better. In disbelief that the pair have been running their own business for five years already, Berni said:

Time definitely flies when youre having fun and OSCAR has given us both a new focus, enabling us to combine our own business with everyday life.

As a pair of animal-lovers with a genuine passion and interest in the well-being of animals, Berni and Nigel were the perfect candidates to open their own OSCAR franchise. The company puts the wellbeing of animals at the heart of everything it does, delivering quality pet food straight to your door, as well as offering bespoke advice from its Local Nutritional Advisors for free that takes into account your pets breed, age and digestion. It can also advise owners on what to feed pets to improve conditions including skin irritation, poor coat condition, food intolerances and weight problems.

Berni says that both herself and Nigel greatly enjoy interacting with customers and are focused on getting their business to become a well-known name in the local community.

Our motto for expansion is to be seen getting out and about and being noticed is important for customer development. Weekly visits to the park, local shows and regular monthly markets, where customers are waiting for us, is of great value to our business. Pub dog shows and pet parties have become social events that always bring in new customers. I even take the van to the supermarket for my weekly shop. It really does stand out in the car park!

Berni is clearly a shrewd business person as well as an animal lover, as she ensures that every new pet owner in the area is targeted by an introduction leaflet explaining exactly how OSCARs expert-backed recipes could help them. She adds:

To be proactive has become a way of life; enjoying our work gives us the impetus to always look for what's around the next corner. As well as Nigel's expertise in dog training, he is able to include nutritional talks, offering owners life-changing experiences for their pets. Our passion, our product, our belief and dedication bring together a successful business with a perfect work-life balance.


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